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Is it Worth it To Make Your Own Vaporizer?

By July 24, 2017Vape Side Effects

Some people use vaporizers for medicinal purposes or simply for pleasure, as vaporizers provide the safest way to smoke. Heat is used to release the vapors of an herb in a pure form, which is then inhaled. Care must be taken to ensure the herb is heated but does not burn, so residue is not created.

Depending on the need and use of a vaporizer, you may end up sacrificing the purity of the inhaled vapor in order to save a few dollars. Make sure you do thorough research prior to making your own vaporizer, so it will be effective for your intended use.

A simple vaporizer can be made with two metal spoons, a gas range, and milk jug. First, cut the jug in half so you make a funnel out of the top half. You will not need to use the bottom half so it can be discarded.

Gloves are recommended so you do not burn your fingers. Heat the spoons on the stove until they are red hot, and place the herb in the bowl of one spoon. Use the other spoon to cover and press down on the material. Turn the funnel with the narrow end up and place the wide end over the spoons. You can then inhale the resulting fumes from the herbs.

Another method for making your own vaporizer uses a light bulb, a plastic bottle cap, and a straw. You need to first remove the metal screw end from the light bulb by cutting it off with a sharp knife so it is open at one end. Remove all the contents of the light bulb and wash it out so you are only left with the glass. Place the herbs you intend to inhale in the bottom of the bulb. Gloves are recommended when handling the glass, as it will be very sharp.

The plastic bottle cap should be roughly the same size as the open end of the light bulb. You need to puncture two medium-sized holes in the bottle cap, and then fasten the cap to the end of the bulb using electrical tape. Make sure that all cracks are covered and it is fastened securely. Attach the straw to one of the holes so you can use this to inhale.

Now you can use your lighter to heat the glass bulb and inhale the vapor created by the herbs. It will not be as effective as a vaporizer that is purchased, but it will be suitable for recreational use.

Be aware that some herbs are not recommended for use with a vaporizer, and you should speak with a herbologist before using. Herbs may interact with certain medications, so consult with your physician for any possible side effects prior to using a vaporizer for medicinal purposes. Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding should only use herbs on the advice of a physician.

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