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Indestructible vape mod? The side effects of vaping, my first vape meme, and more! | The ReCap

By September 9, 2017Vape Side Effects

Indestructible vape mod? The side effects of vaping, my first vape meme, and more! | The ReCap

This week has been a “doozy”. From controversial vape memes to new mods with a love mode – Check out what’s going on in the Vaping Industry with our Weekly ReCap!

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The effects of nicotine in vaping

So far we have looked closely at vape juice ingredients. Tonight we look at nicotine and what effects it can have on your body with regards to vaping it.

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Is vaping safe

Coil building for absolute beginners

The Goon 528 Custom dripping atomiser.

Aspire Atlantis Evo extended

Smok Baby beast RBA

Armyi Gille, by Kangertec

Smok Cloud Beast TFV8.

Wismec Reuleaux RX2/3

Avacado 24 by Geek Vapes

It is more and more apparent that more people are turning from smoking to vaping and with every new thing, brings new equipment. These new designs are growing by the day on a large scale bringing better quality to vaping. Voltage control, airflow, wick designs, you name it. As in cookery, reviewers are paving the way to people’s understanding of vaping and the technology that is available to the purchaser.
Vaping is in my opinion classed in two categories. E-cigarettes and Vaping. Ecigs are sold to directly target the smoker wanting to quit and is successful in many circumstances, however, there is more to it than just e-cigs. The vaping industry has developed all sorts of devices to give better quality to the e-cig user and I class this as vaping
I am building this channel for the purpose of turning people away from smoking. As an ex-smoker I have been able to successfully quit without quitting a lifetime habit, totally replacing a smoking habit to a vaping habit. People might say that it is still a habit, but so is breathing. the question is, is the habit bad for you or not?

How can I justify my claim that vaping is not bad for you or a cause of cancer? Well, we cannot say infinitely that vaping in not bad for you, however, there is nobody on this planet at the moment that can prove that it is bad for you any more than drinking coffee, (or even as bad as drinking coffee).what I can say is that after quitting cigarettes and starting vaping the first two weeks were spent hacking up black tar from my lungs, and I had a general feeling of good health, my morning hacking has gone and I am better off financially by far.

My Farther died as a direct result of a life time of smoking and spent the remaining years of his life hardly able to walk up a slight hill, as a result of his death I at that time decided to quit smoking, however, I could not quit the addiction, and soldiered on for many years on and off cigarettes, until I discovered vaping and e-cigs. Now the job is done, I have no need to go back to cigarettes. lol