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Bergamot in a Vaporizer as a Natural Sleep Aid

By August 2, 2017Vape Side Effects

The market is flooded by the pharmaceutical companies offering products that are proven to induce sleep and guaranteed to provide a full 7 to 8 hours rest at night. Making no dispute that these claims are true, it is noteworthy to examine the side effects associated with most of these drugs, both prescription and over the counter.

The reason people look to this type of aid to begin with is because lack of sleep has the potential to cause fatigue, grogginess, and an overall lack of concentration. It might be surprising to some to discover that these very symptoms which they seek to overcome are common side effects of prescription and over the counter sleep medicines. It is definitely worth looking into a natural sleep aid such as bergamot and its use in a vaporizer.

Outside of a diagnosed medical condition which may require the use of pharmaceuticals, most people simply cannot get a full night’s sleep due to stress. When the mind is stressed, symptoms manifest in the body. The manifestation of these symptoms can be anything from elevated heart rate, indigestion and poor circulation to overactive brain processes and racing thoughts.

The simple truth of the matter is that if the symptoms of stress can be alleviated from the mind, then the physical manifestation of the symptoms can be as well. This can be accomplished through the use of natural herbal remedies and more specifically by using the essential oils from the bergamot plant in a vaporizer.

Bergamot is known to contain properties to aid in the reduction of stress and help the body in its digestive processes. Essential bergamot oil has a very pleasant citrus smell that is relaxing to most and provides a fresh, clean scent to the air in a room with its use in a room vaporizer. These properties alone create a calming sensation which decreases the heart rate and causes tense muscles to relax. Once the body is relaxed, the mind has the ability to concentrate on winding down and settling in to a deep, restful sleep.

For an added benefit to the essential oil of bergamot, it can be combined with other natural healing herbs to make blends in the treatment of sleeplessness. Combining the herb with lavender and geranium in a vaporizer creates a vapor that is uplifting to the spirit and can bring about a sense of well-being. Start the vaporizer with the essential herbal oils at least one hour before planned bedtime for a complete, restful night’s sleep.

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