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It’s Easy To See Why The E Cigarette Is The Smarter Choice

By December 18, 2016Vape Shop
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Although this particular device was created in China in 2004, it has only now started to circulating rapidly throughout the American market, and it has literally become an overnight sensation. Hundreds of shipments are coming into the United States everyday, and sales are moving like wildfire. If you have not yet heard about the electronic cigarette, then you will soon.

The electronic cigarette might sound odd to you. In fact, it kind of sounds like a toy prank that you can pick up at your local novelty shop at the mall. However, its odd name, most commonly referred to as the e cigarette, is anything but odd. It offers people a new way to smoke, which is actually called “vape”, without the harmful side effects associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes.

The e cigarette is just a few inches long and is shaped into a long cylindrical tube. It is usually white but also comes in black colors and the tip of the e cigarette, which is usually brown in color on a traditional tobacco cigarette, is also brown. In fact, it looks identical to a tobacco cigarette except for the fact that most e cigarettes are made from a different material, most often a durable, hard plastic. The e cigarette usually has three components: the atomizer, which is the burning element, the mouthpiece, which contains the refill cartridge and the liquid solution, and the battery.

The battery can be charged with a wall plug or attached to your car charger, and a single charge can go a long way. The liquid solution found inside the refill cartridge in the mouthpiece usually has 10 to 20 ingredients. The main ingredient is propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin in the non-propylene glycol formulas. The other ingredients can include distilled water, vinegar, and natural and artificial flavors. Some popular liquid solution, or e liquid, flavors are tobacco, menthol, chocolate, strawberry, and peach, but there are many, many more.

The initial investment of an e cigarette can be a little pricey. Depending on the model and brand, a starter kit, which will include the parts of the e cigarette plus extra e liquid, can cost anywhere from $ 60 to $ 150. In the long run, however, the savings with an e cigarette can be seen because each refill cartridge is the equivalent of 12 to 25 tobacco cigarettes, and a typical 5 pack of refills can cost anywhere from $ 10 to $ 20. Vapers are also given the option to use e liquid rather than discard their cartridges to purchase more refills. About 5 to 6 drops of e liquid are dropped into the current cartridge, which is also good for eliminating waste.

The e cigarette may look and act like a tobacco cigarette, but it’s easy to see why the e cigarette is the smarter choice. It does not contain tar or any of the chemicals, toxins, and cancer-causing agents found in tobacco cigarettes, and, as of now, it can be vaped in public because only an odorless, colorless vapor is emitted from the e cigarette. There is no risk of secondhand smoke to your family, friends, or even strangers who happen to pass by when you’re smoking in public.

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