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Now is Not the Time To Quit Smoking

By January 17, 2017Vape Rings
vape rings

Now is not the time to quit smoking. All of my life I have been told to quit smoking. It is bad for me they say. I will die a sick man they say. My death will be slow and miserable.

Not any more. I can smoke without the guilt. Today I can buy electronic cigarettes. The Electronic Cigarette has just changed my life – Electronic Cigarettes have saved my life.

What is the Electronic Cigarette? It isn’t a cigarette at all, actually. Well, it looks like a cigarette but it isn’t one. What it is is an electronic device that heats up a liquid and produces a water vapor. You hold it like a cigarette. You puff on it like a cigarette. You blow rings like with smoke from a cigarette – but with water vapor instead of smoke.

That’s right – no smoke. What does no smoke mean? Well with the electronic Cigarette you get no smoke and no tar. No known carcinogens at all. You can puff on one all day – guilt free.

What about nicotine my fix? Glad you asked. When I buy electronic cigarettes I can choose to use nicotine or to not use nicotine. Electronic Cigarettes offer a strong dose of nicotine or a small amount. I decide Personally I choose zero amount of nicotine.

This choice is made possible with the cartridges that come with your electronic Cigarette. There are cartridges with high nicotine, medium, low and – what I personally use – zero nicotine.

Why smoke with zero nicotine? What’s the point? Good questions. The answer is not simple. Addiction is complicated. For me – I can’t speak for you – but for me part of the addiction is the actual handling of the cigarette. I love to blow smoke rings. I love to blow a plume of smoke into the air. I love to do this when I’m on the phone – or just thinking about something when I am alone. The Electronic Cigarette – with the zero nicotine cartridge – satisfies this part of the addiction for me. I love it. I smoke them guilt free.

Did I mention that there is no odor? I don’t think I did. Well, there is no oder. None. After you smoke an Electronic Cigarette you have no risidule oder left on your cloths or hair or anywhere. The room you smoke in is not left with a smell. The car you smoke in does not stink. Why not? Because there is no smoke It is a water vapor. The water vapor dissipate s- disappears.

I keep using the word smoke as in – I smoke cigarettes. The fact is that I do not smoke. I water vapor. I vape, I suppose. This is freedom. To do what I want wherever I want without offending anyone. To continue to enjoy the pleasure of smoking after I have quit smoking. To quit smoking without quitting. I feel as if I have beaten the casino without having how to learn to cheat. To put money in the slot machine knowing I can not lose.

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