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Vape recipes

By February 1, 2018Vape Recipes

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This has easily become my favorite all day vape at the moment. Anyone who loves dessert flavors will really enjoy this.

Recipe :

The Flavor Apprentice Strawberry Ripe : 6%
Flavor West Bavarian Cream : 2%
Flavor West Yellow Cake : 3%
Flavor West Cake Batter Dip : 2%
Flavour Art Meringue : 2%
Flavour Art Vienna Cream : 1%
Flavour Art Marshmallow : 1%
The Flavor Apprentice Ethyl Maltol : .05% – 1% (Depending on your preference)

Flavors can be found here : http://www.bullcityvapor.com/

PLEASE NOTE : This recipe does contain a flavor that has Acetoin, which is a replacement for Diacetyl. Though it is a replacement for Diacetyl, it can catalyze into trace amounts of Diacetyl. If you are looking for Diketone-free cream flavorings there are Diketone-free versions of the Bavarian Cream used in the recipe.
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