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By January 17, 2018Vape Quotes

Why OLF Coupeville Needs HB 2341
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As I told state legislators;

17 January 2018

RE: Why OLF Coupeville Needs HB 2341

Dear State Representatives;

Knowing you get a lot of correspondence, I need to be direct. HB 2341 is a legislative tool to address the decades of encroachment around OLF Coupeville – a place for naval aviation carrier landing training I’ve came to champion not just as an aviation photographer, but much more as a patriot. I’m sure Commissioner Jill Johnson who I’ve cc’d would agree.

Since 2012, my US Navy friends and my fellow supporters of the Naval Service have taken a lot of heat from mostly folks who moved next to OLF and then complained about the environmental impacts. As is these folks’ US Constitutional and State Constitutional right, these folks have even taken their complaints to the State Board of Health.

During deliberations last August, the State Board of Health Vice Chair stated last August and I quote exactly, ‘The plan B and C are not health regulation but growth management, what do we do with growth management and engaging the representative and senators who represent Island County to work with Department of Defense to move this up in their priority. I certainly admit that there is noise and it is disruptive, absolutely agree.’ Growth management being limiting encroachment around current naval installations like OLF Coupeville.

HB 2341 is a growth management tool to stop more homes – and therefore more noise whiners – from getting in the way of naval aviation training. The ongoing litigation and public turmoil has been a disruption to vital US Naval Aviation carrier landing training at OLF Coupeville, and the only way to prevent more such disruptions is via land use reform. Which is what HB 2341 is.

PHOTO CREDIT: Joe A. Kunzler Photo, AvgeekJoe Productions, growlernoise-AT-gmail-DOT-com

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