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Vaping Marijuana vs. Smoking Marijuana: Which Is More Dangerous?

By July 25, 2017Vape Pipe
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Inhaling cannabis involves either smoking or vaping it. Vaping may seem the better choice, but the reality, as always, is slightly more complicated than that. Each method has its own pros and cons. There are significant differences between rolling joints and e-pen vaporizers, most notably in flavor, convenience, potency, and even healthiness. We leave the choice up to you:

Vaping vs. Smoking: Healthfulness

Vaping marijuana is unquestionably healthier than smoking it. As with anything smoked, burning the flowers produces tar and other dangerous carcinogens. Although vaping requires heat, it is only enough to release the essential oils and not to burn the plant matter itself. This means that you get all the healthy terpenes and cannabinoids without any of the chemicals associated with combustion.

However, many e-pen vaporizers on the market are themselves unhealthy. Those made in China see little oversight or regulation, and there are claims of heavy metals and glue used to make them. Rather be safe and purchase your vaporizer from a reputable manufacturer. Vape pens with titanium or ceramic heating elements are healthier than fiber wick, glass, or steel, and they are better quality too.

Vaping vs. Smoking: Discretion

It is easier to hide vaping than it is to be discreet about smoking. Marijuana smoke has a pungent smell most recognize these days. It’s skunky aroma hangs in the air, sticks to your hair clings to your clothes, and lingers on your breath. Vaporizers create a small, grassy cloud that quickly disappears, and is perfect for a quick hit before kissing grandma or going to a work meeting, for example.

Despite this privacy, however, vaping creates annoyance in public spaces. There is plenty of backlash against abusing this practice. Be respectful of others at all times, as you would with smoking. There is no need to puff in public places, such as movie theaters or restaurants. People do not like it.

Vaping vs. Smoking: Usability

Pushing buttons may seem easier than filling pipes and rolling joints, but e-pen vaporizers come with some unique challenges of their own. Flower vaporizers, in particular, are just painful to load, as is cleaning them, which requires all too frequent doing. Furthermore, batteries die in portable vaporizers, and if you do not have a charger and port with you at the time, it is the ultimate frustration for users.

Smoking marijuana remains the most reliable and easiest method of consumption. You just need some rolling papers and a lighter, or a small pipe and matches. With just that, you can smoke cannabis anywhere, regardless of whether or supply conditions, and the effect is always the same.

Vaping vs. Smoking: Taste

Although the flavor is strain- and quality-dependent, vaping is certainly easier to inhale than smoking. The taste is cleaner and free of the pungently harsh and woody flavor of smoke. Despite this, most people still prefer to smoke, perhaps because vaping can be inconvenient if the pen is unclean or its battery is low. Regardless of whether you are smoking or vaping, though, the flavor will degrade with each hit.

When vaping, cannabis oil tastes better than raw flowers. Concentrates are simply more flavorful when consuming weed in this way. The flavor is also more sophisticated than regular weed, which deteriorates very quickly, no matter if you smoke or vape it.

Vaping vs. Smoking: Potency

Despite the favorable science, vaporizers are not as effective as smoking. The effects are significantly shorter-lived and more abrupt, which is what most users claim. Anecdotal evidence trumps science here. Temperature mistakes occur too frequently with vaping too. Too high, and it tastes terrible, even if you get the full effect. Too low, and you feel no effects at all.

Rolling Joints vs. E-Pen Vaporizers

The experience you desire should motivate your final decision. Vaping is popular among health conscious people who wish to consume cannabinoids in the cleanest way possible, and those who need to hide their use. Everyone else prefers not to worry about maintenance, batteries, and malfunctions, and until vape pens become more reliable, most will prefer to smoke it.

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