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smok guardian 3 vape pipe love it plus menus and baby beast update

By November 6, 2016Vape Pipe

Thanks to boyraceruk for this gift I love it.

Please note all my video’s are based on my opinion as a reviewer, I do not state that vaping is 100% safe but believe it is 95% safer that Smoking Tobacco if you have any adverse reaction to any product associated with vaping you should stop and seek advice from a doctor. please keep your children safe and keep all vaping equipment and liquids away from them.

e-mail: steve@professorvapes.co.uk

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Vype Epen Cap Storage vape pipe mod DIY

I recently did a review of vypes caps for the Epen and made myself a storage pipe for the caps a few people asked me how I made it so I put this very short vid together showing How I kinda made it.
check out my original video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GwdZET1sJQ
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