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Iron Vape provides Hookah Sticks and Portable E-Hookah

By December 3, 2016Vape Pipe
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Iron Rape- Electronic Hookah Sticks

Hookahs, Shisha and Hookah Tobacco are used for smoking tobacco. Hookah nowadays comes with varieties of flavours to choose from as it has a sweeter smell and has more appealing taste than a cigarette. Hookah pipes are gaining popularity nowadays with the teens and older crowds as there is a general perception in the people that the tobacco which is consumed with the Hookah sticks are relatively safe than the cigarettes. Hookah tobacco is generally flavoured with honey or fruit pulp and has an additional coconut, coffee, or mint flavours. The flavours sweeten the overall aroma and the taste of the tobacco making the smoking experience tastier and appealing to young people.

Hookah pipes are in use from quite a long time and is said to be originated in India in the early 1600s. According to Hakim Abdul Fath, who invented the Hookah, the Hookah minimizes the health hazards of tobacco while the smoke passes through water. In the 1990s, the hookah started coming with various flavours and became rapidly popular the eastern countries too. The typical Hookah bar offers the people to smoke Hookah pipes using flavoured tobacco. Hookah smoking is generated by burning the charcoal on the top and the process heats the tobacco giving off the smoke which passes through the water and into the smoke chamber and then is inhaled and enjoyed by the smoker. The hookah bars offers the opportunity to people to smoke with the same group with the hookah pipe.

The smoking experience can be further enhanced by the Hookah Accessories which are nowadays on offer. The customers can choose from the Hookah stems to crafted vases, hoses, bowls, heads and grommets to add up to the overall experience of the hookah smoking. As the demand of hookahs are getting a rapid incline day by day, more and more further additions are being made to enhance the overall experience of Hookah smoking. At Iron Vape-Electronic Disposable Hookah and Accessories we have Hookah pens, also called the hookah sticks are the recent additions to enjoy hookah on the go. The pens and sticks offer similar hookah experience as the Hookah pipes and are much easier to carry. These portable sticks can be used anywhere and the level of enjoyment remains the same. These devices produce the same thick cloud of tasty vapour which is enjoyed by the user anywhere he wants to. These devices are battery powered and come with variety of flavours to choose from, depending on the user which taste he prefers. The portable e hookahs are good in quality and offers best tasting, no tar, no nicotine hookah experience. They don’t leave user with bad breath and unpleasant odours and are a much healthier option than the conventional hookahs as they don’t emit carbon monoxide. They come with a predetermined number of puffs which generally last between 500-600 puffs and use flavoured vapour instead of the traditional smoke. They are low cost and healthy alternatives to the traditional hookahs. They also come with the unique and stylish pens matching the style and needs of the different users.

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