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The Dangers Of Vaping

By January 17, 2017Vape Pen Side Effects

Real vaping dangers , This is a question I get asked way more then Id like to admit. I have compiled a bit of information from personal experiences and facts about some of the dangers of vaping. This is not a list of side effects or anything like that. Just obvious facts. Information is power.

Well I had no idea this video would get as popular as it did. So let me just lay a few things out here. Yes I say “Axed ” Always have always will. Yes I know PURE OXYGEN is not to great for the ole body. I just figured people would know what I meant. I changed the title of the video as I personally could care less for views or “Hits”. I would of done it sooner but I was in the process of moving to another state and I haven’t paid to much attention to it. If people like it that’s awesome! if they don’t I’m sorry, There are so many other videos on this subject that I urge you to watch a different one. Yes there are all kinds of studies up all the time on the subject. Again I love vaping but only time will tell on some effects (as im sure there’s a few out there). I did mean Lithium ion batteries when I was making the video. It is my fault that I did not specify the difference. I am sorry but allergy’s are a risk involved with vaping the same way eating food in a restaurant with a peanut allergy is. I think that about covers it. Thank you guys for checking out the video 🙂

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