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Top 10 Online Vape Vendors

By August 30, 2016Vape Online

Links to all of the vendors I spoke about are below

Top 10:
VaporDNA http://bit.ly/1QbOmPp
Direct Vapor http://bit.ly/1TgrXPe
Code 3 Vapor http://bit.ly/1QQJA4Z
Element Vape http://bit.ly/1RGR0NP
Sweet Vapes http://bit.ly/1PgfQmV
Vape Royalty http://bit.ly/1TUB2xF
Vaping Walrus http://bit.ly/1jZOzqw
Eciggity http://bit.ly/1PgfVqw
Vape Society Supply http://bit.ly/226yeV5
Vapor Beast http://bit.ly/1bd9ziv

Honorable Mentions:
My Vapor Store http://bit.ly/1TI7Asj
Vape Street http://bit.ly/1TOSx5x
Ecig City http://bit.ly/1Y16eOA
Ecig Avenue http://bit.ly/20RwtpD
Origin Vape http://bit.ly/20Rx6j0
Angelcigs http://bit.ly/1UrMSiJ

China Vendors:
3fvape http://bit.ly/1UrQS2D
Heavengifts http://bit.ly/1i9zqf5 use coupon code AVHEATHEN
Cigabuy http://bit.ly/1wqGaxd
Cacuqecig http://bit.ly/1ZaO1wD
Gear Best http://goo.gl/IpqFE0

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Recommended sites:
Direct Vapor always has the latest products and free shipping

VaporDNA has the best customer service and all the latest gear
http://bit.ly/1QbOmPp use code DNA10 for 10% off

Best product to quit smoking:
http://bit.ly/20WKPEl use code vapinheathen for 10% off
I stand behind this product 100%

Some of my favorite sub ohm tank coils come from coil art. You can check them out at http://www.coilart.net

Gear Best Site: http://goo.gl/IpqFE0
Gear Best Promotion: http://goo.gl/QQ0YUn

For the most authentic ecigar on the market
http://bit.ly/1KNhjz3 use code vapinheathen for 10%off

To sign up for Zamplebox ejuice subscription service use the link below with code “heathen10” for 10% off of your first box http://bit.ly/1PR3rDU

Pick up your Vapin Heathen and Heathen Alliance T-shirts, mod decals and more at

For regulated mods I recommend LG HG2(brown) batteries.

For Mech mods I recommend the Sony VCT4 batteries.

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