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Vaping & E Cig Starter Kits

By November 10, 2016Vape Mods
Vape Mods

Tobacco is slowly fading from the usage in the world as the industry of vaping is on a rise. Vaping has established over 2 billion dollar business around the world and it is eventually turning out to be the future of smoking. With over 90% success rate surveyed throughout the planet, this hi tech substitute of smoking has shown better results than nicotine gums and patches which has made it the choice of every smoker.

Vaping involves the principle of evaporation and eliminates all the toxic chemicals and gases produced during the combustion of a cigarette. It has a battery which powers an atomizer, it gets heated and evaporates the “ejuice” and turn it into vapors. This “ejuice” is no mystery as it contains Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol and flavorings in it. All these ingredients are very common and are used every day in home products. The reason to use Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol is because it produces vapors and possesses properties to carry flavorings and sweetness. For people who are new to vaping, a lot of the companies and online portals are offering e cig starter kits, which contains everything required to stop smoking and start vaping. Usually, a starter kit includes the following:

Juice Tank

It is the container which holds the e-juice and many people call it a tank, container etc. but the purpose remains the same. Tank is usually either a Clearomizer or a Cartomizer. A Clearomizer is a tank in which the atomizer is replaceable and the body is transparent for the user to see the quantity of liquid present in it. Cartomizer on the other hand is an opaque tank which requires an external atomizer to be attached and produce vape. Out of the two, Clearomizer is more user-friendly and is more popular. The tank contains wicks in it which absorbs the juice and eventually get evaporated by the atomizer.

Battery (with Charger)

Battery capacity is usually an option for the user. The batteries usually starts from 650 maH to over 3000 maH, the batteries generally have a 510 thread which is the standard type of screw on. A 510 thread can be attached to most of the e-devices in the market. The battery is hooked at the bottom of the tank which gives the electricity to the atomizer in heating and converting the juice into vape.


E-juice as previously explained contains Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol and flavorings. There are various organizations that use different ratios of both the chemicals to provide versatility in the experience. Vegetable Glycerin has properties to carry sweetness and produces thick vapors, while Propylene Glycol has properties to give the throat hit like an ordinary cigarette and carry flavorings. E-juices are available in different flavors from tobacco flavors to fruits and so on. The nicotine level is an option for smokers which vary from 6mg to 24 mg per ml depending on the consumer.
This inventory comes in the e cig starter kit and is suggested by every company for beginners. Later on, a vaper can get into different aspects such as MODs and customized kits which involve controlling different aspects such as temperature, resistance of the coil and so on.

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