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Tips to Enjoy Big Vapor Production from Electronic Hookah Pens

By November 3, 2016Vape Mods
Vape Mods

Electronic hookah pens have not only become a much better and safer alternative to smoking but they also let vapers enjoy some of the most delicious e-juice hookah flavors and huge vapor clouds. Vapor production is the major indicator of the quality of your vaping products. There are some components that determine the quality of vapor production. These few factors combine together to produce the desired results vapers seek. And each factor is as essential as the other and all work together to produce the huge clouds of vapor. Let’s have a look at some of the useful and important tips to achieve desirable vapor production:

PG/VG e-liquid ratio

The proportion of propylene glycol (PG) to vegetable glycerine (VG) in e-liquid determines the quality of vapor production to a great extent. If you seek huge vapor clouds, simply go for the e-juice with higher VG ratio, probably containing over 60% ratio of VG.

Vegetable glycerine is less sweet as compared to propylene glycol and also offers less of a throat hit. But it produces maximum vapor clouds. One can also go for 100% VG ratio for maximum vapor but it may not guarantee the best vaping experience. One of the best things about vaping electronic cigarettes is that it lets you customize the experience as per your choice. So whether you seek higher VG proportion or lesser is ultimately your preference.

Atomizer and coil resistance

The type of atomizer or cartomizer you use affects the quality of vapor production to a great extent. There are a ton of options available in market. It is always recommended to opt for a high quality atomizer. As far as atomizer coil resistance is concerned, the lower the resistance, the greater the current is, hence leading to big clouds of vapor. On the other hand, atomizer with higher number of resistance results in less amount of vapor.


In order to enjoy huge clouds of vapor, always go for proper battery mechanical mods. Then there is also variable voltage and variable wattage mods. And each have their own sets of advantages. Vapers can always adjust the strength of the hit to customize the vaping experience.

Battery and voltage

The battery’s voltage and current you are vaping at plays an important role in vapor production. The greater the voltage is; the bigger vapor cloud you will produce. And equally important is to invest in a high quality battery. If your battery is not sturdy enough for big vapor production, it can even explode.

Lung capacity of the vaper

Apart from all this, vapor production also depends a lot upon the lung capacity of the vaper. When vaping an electronic cigarette pen with high quality atomizer and battery, the vaper with greater lung capacity can inhale e-juice deeper into his lungs and thereby exhale equally bigger vapor clouds.

These above mentioned tips and factors go a long way in determining how much vapor clouds your e-cigarette will produce. Follow these simple and useful tips to enjoy desired huge clouds of vapor from your electronic hookah pen.

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