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Sub Ohm Mods

By October 4, 2016Vape Mods
Vape Mods

Sub Ohm Vaping consists of atomizers that fire when under the resistance of 1 Ohm. This refers to vaping with the level of resistance below 1 Ohm. This trend is quite popular in vaping. Here are a few factors that make sub ohm mods popular:

* Enormous vapor production

If you wish to blow big clouds, then sub ohming is for you.

* Intense flavor

It isn’t easy to return to high-resistance silica wicked or ceramic fiber clearomizers once you try out the sub ohm built with organic cotton wicking.

* Warm vapors

A warmer vapor is produced by a higher wattage sub ohm mod. The wide airflow would cool the vapor so that your lips don’t burn out. People enjoy this as it enhances the experience of smoking.

If you wish to produce bigger plumes of vapour then you need to opt for sub ohm vaping. A mouthful of flavour is offered with each puff. Lower resistance set ups are quite popular. If you wish to win a cloud competition, then you can never do it without a sub ohm mod.

How to do Sub Ohming?

There have been tremendous changes when it comes to the entire vaping process. Earlier, people who wanted to do sub ohming had to purchase a box mod or a mechanical mod which utilized 18650 batteries that could be recharged. The box mod also consisted of organic cotton and Kanthal wire. The mod was developed with the basic understanding of coil building and Ohm’s law. These days one just needs to purchase a Sub Ohm Tank for blowing mammoth clouds.

How to enjoy sub ohm vaping?

This can be done in one of the following ways:

RDA’s (Re-buildable Dripping Atomizers)

These are also referred to as the drippers. These were the original way in which people used to enjoy sub ohming. These devices are smaller than tanks and attach to the Box or Mechanical mods. Coils are placed in a deck and are attached with the aid of a screwdriver. The wick utilized is organic cotton. The users can drip the juice on the coils directly. This can be done for every few puffs taken by the user.

RTA’s [Re-buildable Tank Atomizers]

RTA’s are ideal for people who want to create coils but do not want to drip the juice of the coils. These are basically clearomizers that offer the user to build the actual coil within. This helps people design a coil based on the kind of vape they wish to create. These days, the devices come with airflow options and are geared towards Sub Ohm vaping.

Sub Ohm Tanks

These are more or less similar to RTAs. The only difference is that the coils are pre-made and are disposable. These tanks are ideal for people who are new to the concept of sub ohm vaping and do not wish to jump into start building immediately. Tanks have made sub ohm vaping more accessible to people. These offer experience that is more or less similar to RTA/RDA.

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