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By October 24, 2016Vape Mods
Vape Mods

MOD stands for modified electronic cigarettes that use removable batteries that can also be recharged. Some electronic cigarettes contains internal batteries while most of them have a physically enclosed battery that are attached externally. The whole unit needs to be charged if an external battery is attached in the housing space. MODS are generally said to be larger and thicker as compared to the other standard electronic cigarettes.

Whereas a box MOD is a square shaped advanced personal vaporizer (APV). These box mods comes with variable voltage and advanced features which are not present in other mechanical boxes.


There are two basic types of box mods. These are regulated and unregulated. The basic difference between these two types is that the unregulated or the mechanical box mod do not possess any sort of electronic components whereas the regulated one do possess some electronic components. The box shaped version of mechanical MOD is made of circuit boards, chips etc. To activate the unregulated box mod a fire button is pressed which completes the connection between the battery and the coil. On the other hand regulated mods are also known as ‘simply box ‘which have electronic components. In a regulated box mod the message is replayed through the processor when the fire button is pressed. It is modern which means that these box mods do possess advanced features such as OLED screens and variable voltage capability. Also some safety features are provided by these modern box mods.


When purchasing a box mod one needs to think and consider a lot of stuff. It all depends on an individual’s preferences. First of all to determine that if the box mod is suitable for the individual or not one should be clear that what kind of MOD he/she is interested in? Since there are two types of box mods. The individuals have to be certain on what kind of box they prefer, either it’s the electronic one or the mechanical one? If the person is not comfortable with dripping then he should not go for the mechanical box mod. Another matter to consider is the shape of the box whether the person is comfortable with the long shaped tube or whether with the smaller size box.


There are several benefit of using box mods. First of all mods last much longer than the standard batteries. Hence the batteries used in the box mod are said to be durable. Secondly if we are talking particularly about the mechanical or the unregulated box mods then they too have their advantage. Since no electronic components are used in a mechanical box mod it can help avoid the device malfunction. Thirdly the ability to change the batteries allows the users to have a set charging while the other battery is in use. These spare batteries can save time and can allow users to have a fully charged battery in their disposal.

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