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Does Your Atomizer Tank Gurgle And Leak?

By November 29, 2016Vape Leak


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For months, people have asked us “Why is my tank leaking?”, “What does this gurgling sound mean?” so we thought it would only be a great time to address those questions. If this is happening to you, we hope this blog will answer your questions.

Gurgling Sounds

This occurs when eliquid has gotten under the silicon cap, which covers the actual coils of your coil head. The silicon cap is common on most iClear and Kangertech coils. How does this happen? Easy. By turning your device (pen, mod) upside down or on its side allows juice to slide right under there. What then happens is the juice that’s trapped under the silicon cap combines with the air once you inhale creating the notorious gurgle.

Think of it like taking a straw and getting down to the last bit of juice out the bottom of your favorite drink (or eliquid). You know the sound.


Gurgling sounds might be a warning sign that your tank may begin to leak! Once liquid has gotten under the silicon cap it may then drip down into the center cylinder of your coil head. If you use iClear coils or the Kanger coils (Subtank coils are a different story) liquid will travel down through the hole in the connection pin at the bottom of the coil head and into your airflow base. After that it’s just a mess.

That’s not the only reason why your tank is leaking!

If the o-rings on your coil heads are not perfect (meaning any tears and the o-ring is not the proper size) liquid can seep through the gaps.
Be sure your coil heads are secured into the base. Any gaps between the coil head and the base will lead to leaking.
Lastly, make sure the base is tightly secured to the rest of the tank so precious ejuice doesn’t spill out.
With sub ohm coils, we find that o-rings are usually the culprit. Also over priming your coil can expose you to leakage before you even vape. The cotton gets flooded and the excess juice will drip down into your tank base and makes its escape.