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Caught Vaping In Class by Teacher – Caught Vaping with Vape Pen (Funny Vaping Life Story)

By October 3, 2016Vape Jokes

Today’s video!: “Caught Vaping In Class by Teacher – Caught Vaping with Vape Pen (Funny Vaping Life Story)”! In today’s video of “Caught Vaping In Class by Teacher – Caught Vaping with Vape Pen (Funny Vaping Life Story)” I talk about how I was well caught in class with a vape pen by a (substitute) teacher, yeah I was caught vaping with a vape pen in school. Today’s story of “Caught Vaping In Class by Teacher – Caught Vaping with Vape Pen (Funny Vaping Life Story)” is probably one of the craziest stories on my channel so I hope you guys enjoy today’s story of “Caught Vaping In Class by Teacher – Caught Vaping with Vape Pen (Funny Vaping Life Story)”. Now onto a more detailed description!

Yup, I’m uploading a vape pen story. A story about a young vaping boy who vapes with his vape pen and is a vape pen god. I know it’s cringey, but hey whether it be a vaping story or a sex story….a story is a story haha. So the story is about me being caught vaping with a vape pen by a teacher and not by my mom like most other YouTubers. So my vaping (vape pen) story is way cooler. Enjoy my vaping story (vape pen)!

Sorry for not knowing everything about vape and vaping, beause well i don’t do that stuff haha. So if you vape, then sorry for being a novice. If you vape, maybe drop a like? Comment if you vape and let’s have a chat about vaping…not really…but you know…vape is life am I right? Jk lets not vape. vaping isn’t cool nerds.
(Don’t ever take me seriously)

After this I have never used a vape pen or vaped or used a vape mod, whatever you wanna call it. Yeah, the Vape life wasn’t for me. I never bought the Vape pen in the story, what a shame. maybe I would be vaping and be a vape god if I had purchased the vape pen that one day. I wonder how my life would have changed if I bought that vape pen, maybe that vape pen would have helped me get a 4.0 GPA in High school. Damn, a magic vape pen that would have gotten me into Harvard. Think I might go back and buy that vape pen. Anyone still actually use vape pens? I see people using like vape mods thingys instead of vape pens. Vape pens are very misleading, Vape pens do not have ink. Smh, and whenever I try writing with a vape pen all my words evaporate. Like wow, Vape pens are such a rip off. I would not recommend purchasing a vape pen. Vaping is dumb, like how am I supposed to finish my essays and tests with a malfunctioned Vape pen? Oh wait, Vape pens aren’t really pens…never mind. Go buy a vape pen, totally not a rip off!

In all seriousness, I don’t vape. I don’t own a vape pen. I’m not about that Vape life. The vape life isn’t for me like others on here. Hope you guys enjoyed my vape or vaping story! It was weird getting caught in class with a vape pen haha!

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New story! “Getting Caught In Class With A Vape Pen By Teacher (Funny Life Story)” hope you guys enjoy this one!

Yes, I know it’s a dumb story, but hey! An upload’s an upload right? This story is about the time I got caught with a Vape pen in class. Yep, a Vape pen. A Vape pen is way different from my usual stories. try and bare with my vape pen story. I promise I won’t have anymore Vape pen stories on my channel. A vape pen free channel! Mock me or judge me all you want, but we’ve all had one of those “phases” in our life haha. So yeah, I got caught with a vape pen, not my proudest moment in life, but sure was funny. Remember kids, Vape is life. Jokes. I don’t like Vape pens and you shouldn’t either! Jokes again, I don’t care about Vape pens. Vape is love, Vape is life. Now excuse me while I go do some sweet vap tricks and impress my fellow vapors with my new vape pen. I actually can’t do any vape pen tricks besides O’s lol

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