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Say Hello to a Smoke Free Life with E Cigarettes and Vaporizers

By January 17, 2017Vape Flavoring
vape flavoring

The technological marvel, E cigs are a breakthrough invention which revolutionized the intake of nicotine. These electronic devices offer you a smoke free experience and help you stay away from the bad odor, teeth staining, lung associated problems and lip discoloration, without having to abstain from the intake of nicotine. Millions of smokers now prefer the use of E cigs, as it provides a much better and more pleasant experience when compared to traditional smoking.

How does it work? These innovative cigarettes contain an E liquid which is vaporized to produce the effect of smoking a traditional cigarette without having to deal with the adverse effects associated with it. E-juice is made out of food grade vegetable glycerin, flavoring, distilled water, propylene glycol and sometimes nicotine. As they are excluded of ingredients like tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals associated with smoking, E cigs are a healthier alternative when compared to normal cigarettes.

While public smoking is banned in most places, the use of E cigarettes is considered acceptable as they do not emit harmful smoke that result in passive smoking. Therefore, it can be used anywhere, without having to ‘step out for a smoke’. E cigs are reusable and choosing them over normal cigarettes will help you save a lot of money. Thus, they are light on your wallet. It is easy to store and carry around. You do not need to own an ashtray not do you have to deal with ash on your fabrics.
E cigs are available in a variety of flavors and thus enables you to enjoy novelty every time without having to stick to the same limited flavors. They come with pre filled cartridges and therefore will last way longer than a conventional cigarette.

Vaporizers are usually a little larger than a regular e-cig and often resemble pens or small tubes. The E cigs resemble a usual cigarette and will give you a more likely experience when compared to vaporizers. Vaporizers have a longer battery life span and are available in more number of e liquid flavors. They also ensure a smoother delivery of nicotine and are refillable.

E cigs, E liquid and vaporizers are available all over the world in stores as well as online. Depending on your interest and use you can choose from a variety of models, flavors and styles. You can go online and browse through the limitless options when it comes to selecting your perfect product.

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