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By July 13, 2017Vape Flavoring
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E-cigarette UK

E-cigarette has a vast exposure in countries like UK and France. People here prefer e-cigarettes more than the usual traditional cigarettes. According to a survey in UK in 2014, it came to light that 18% of regular smokers said they use e-cigarettes and 51% say that they’d used them in the past. Child regular users of e-cigarettes were 1.8% and those who had never used them were 10%.

Various surveys say the youth prefers e-cigarettes more and there are such young people also who’d never used a traditional cigarette once after they got addicted to e-cigarettes.

Why to use e-cigarettes?

There are numerous reasons for use of e-cigarettes. People who want to quit smoking, who want to free themselves from the clutches of hazardous effects of smoking can use e-cigarettes. They work as a boon for them. E-cigarettes stimulate the desire to smoke. Some use e-cigarettes for experiencing relaxation and satisfaction. Other ones vape as they think it is healthier than to smoke.

Everyyear billions of dollars are spent on marketing of e-cigarettes. The basic marketing strategy aims at smokers and convince them that e-cigs are “healthier, affordable and convenient” to use. Such exposure to e-cigs had already convinced a lot many people to try them once.

Top rated E-cigarettes

E-Cigs were not that popular some years ago. But since their introduction it has made a vast difference in the usage of traditional cigarettes. And the acceptance of e-cigarettes by the society on a great scale, several brands have incurred from them promoting e-cigs. Although, there are numerous companies who declare that they are the best out of all but out of all of them only a few are recognized and popular.

Those recognized by market are- “GREEN SMOKE”, “JAC VAPOUR”, “V2 CIGS”, “CIGEES” and “E-LITES”. Getting the reviews about a particular brand before purchasing its brand is not only helping but important also. Basically, the reviews are taken from previous users, therefore they know well about the certain product.

It is not mandatory that every person like the same brand because choices and preferences of people differ on various perspectives. But if a single brand is receiving the majority then it states the versatility and dynamic nature. And if a particular brand is appreciated so much then it’s obvious that it inherit all the qualities leading to customer satisfaction which is very important for any company. If people like a particular thing, then they suggest it to the others also which further leads to increase in the profit maximization of the company.

Choosing the best e-cig

The three basic things that are mostly looked for while choosing the best e-cigarette brand includes- “its battery performance defining its durability”, “volume of vapor it produces” and “its flavoring”. These are the foremost three preferences of people while choosing their e-cigarette brand and the one excelling in all the three arenas is the brand most sorted after. But one thing to be kept in mind is, although these devices work as an alternative to smoking but they still possess a certain amount of nicotine.

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