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Are E-Shisha Pens a Safer Alternative to Regular Shisha

By December 31, 2016Vape Flavoring
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Electronic hookahs, also known as electronic shisa pens or e-hookahs are quickly becoming a popular trend among the young generation nowadays. The main reason behind their growing fame is that they provide a similar experience to smoking conventional shisa or cigarettes but without the harmful smoke. According to many manufacturers e-hookahs pose a lot lesser health risks in comparison to smoking typical shisha or cigarettes. So what exactly are e-hookah sticks, and are they truly a safer substitute to smoking regular hookah?

How it works?

An e-hookah pen is a battery driven unit identical to an e-cigarette. A vaporizer heats up an e-juice turning it into vapor that can be breathed in. The devices are accessible in disposable or reusable form with an array of fruit flavors to pick from.

What’s inside?

The major constituents of most e-juices are water, vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and fruit flavoring. However, not enough is known regarding inhaling those stuff.

Is it lethal?

Though most of the e-hookah pens are free of carbon monoxide, arsenic & lead, and other cancer causing elements that are found in regular shisha, some units do possess varying degrees of nicotine relying on the brand. There’re still no decisive studies on the long-term effect of vaping.

Due to the lethal elements contained in regular hookahs, smokers are at risk of serious health hazards, such as cancers, respiratory diseases and critical heart diseases as well. Moreover, when you smoke traditional hookah, the people near you are inhaling hazardous fumes and you’re contributing to their risk of developing severe diseases.

E-hookah pens don’t generate smoke, so there’s no danger of passive inhaling and no ugly odor. And because electronic shisha pen doesn’t usually posses most of the compounds concerned with regular hookah, your risk of getting a smoking associated illness is reduced. Always check out the constituents of the e-hookah stick you purchase to be certain that no lethal chemicals have been putted in.

Is e-hookah a safer alternative to traditional shisha?

Common sense would advocate that breathing in water vapor solution must be a more joyful experience than breathing in smoke that possess more than 4,000 chemicals, however, you must keep in mind that e-shisha pens are a new product and there’re still a lot of unknown facts about them. We can’t say that e-shisha pens are absolutely safe, but they certainly can be a better alternative to regular shisha that contain so many harmful chemicals.