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Top 5 E-liquid Flavours That Will Get People Excited

By June 21, 2017Vape E Liquid
vape e liquid

Because of the numerous benefits offered by electronic cigarette use, many smokers have switched to the use of the device. But other than that, what makes this device exciting for many is the number of e-liquids to choose from. That’s because they come in varying flavours. No matter if you opt for disposable or refillable cartridges, there’s an e-juice taste which will definitely match your personality.

In fact, one of the main selling points being used by eliquid manufacturers is the number of flavours they have. Sometimes it can be difficult to settle with one as there simply are too many variants to choose from. So what others do is they switch to a different one from time to time. Being one of the perks of electronic cigarette use, they rather enjoy the variety.

Below are just five flavours people are talking about. If you’re new to vaping and you have no idea what taste to go for, read on to know where to start.

Perhaps the most popular of all is tobacco flavour. An e-cigarette allows you to have your dose of nicotine in the same fashion as lighting up a cigarette stick. Choosing tobacco flavour makes you feel like you’re still using the real deal. Usually, you can find regular or menthol flavours. A lot of manufacturers got these as staples. However, you may also avail of those which mimic some popular brands of cigarettes. Because of such, switching to vaping has never been easier.

Many also go for coffee and it’s not surprising. Many smokers also are coffee fanatics. It’s like doing two things at the same time when you choose this flavour: getting your regular dose of nicotine and having a nice cup of coffee. In case you have no time to make a cup in the morning as you’re running late, having coffee flavoured e-juice helps you solve that.

Why many people love vanilla for their electronic cigarettes isn’t surprising. When people think of ice cream, vanilla pops into mind right away. It goes very well with a lot of things when whipping up something in the kitchen – cakes, chocolates, custard, etc. Vanilla landing on the list of the top e-liquid flavours is quite understandable. Many manufacturers offer this taste as a lot of people simply adore its well-known flavour and aroma.

Another crowd favorite is cherry. When you vape and it’s the one in the cartridge, it’s just like having a sweet treat at the same time. Some smokers habitually light up a stick right after a meal. If you have an electronic cigarette in hand, such can be done in many restaurants even without leaving your table to go to the smoking area. What’s more, the bold cherry flavour simply gets rid of any aftertaste in your mouth left by the food you ate.

Lastly, there’s banana that many people love for their e-liquids to taste like. Just like cherry, banana makes you feel like you’re trying out a fruit flavoured dessert. But it’s not just great right after meals. The very familiar taste and aroma of banana makes getting your nicotine fix tasty and interesting.

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