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Vape Basics: How to Make Spaced Coils

By November 17, 2016Vape Coil

Some of you have noticed that I use spaced coils a lot in my videos. That has lead to some of you wondering not only how to make them, but also why I use them.

Spaced coils were around before contact coils. Some people think that spaced coils are “the new kind of coil” because of its association with temperature control.

Personally I use spaced coils a lot, not only for temp mode, but also for regular wattage or power mode because of how easy they are to build and their advantageous physical characteristics. I don’t have to press them while firing them just to get them heating evenly. That cuts my building time in half. I also get to have juice seeping into the part of the cotton wick that’s inside the coil thanks to the spaces. I also get to see if my cotton is burnt yet or not.

This type of coil may not suit everyone’s preferences, particularly because of its size. Older atomizers may not be able to accommodate it. But regardless of preferences or compatibility, you should definitely give spaced coils a try!