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Priming your coil – Back2Basics | UK ECIG STORE

By February 13, 2017Vape Coil

Back2Basics is a new series we’ve created to help the beginner users understand vaping terminology and how to setup/use certain devices. Let us know in the comment section below what you would like for us to cover in the next episode.

So as a newbie, I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Prime/Priming your coils”. Priming your coils is one of the most important steps before using a new tank/clearomizer and a new coil/atomizer. Priming your coil ensures you won’t burn your coil before taking a hit. It also makes sure that the coil lasts as long as possible.

To prime your coil, you will need your tank, coil/atomizer head and your e liquid.

Step 1. Take a drop of juice and put it in the centre of the coil ensuring the juice is soaked up by the cotton. Repeat this process on the wick holes on the side of the coil. The juice will soak the cotton and this will ensure that you won’t experience a dry hit.

Step 2. Attach your tank and leave it to stand for a minute or two, so that the juice in the tank gets soaked up by the coil/atomizer too.

Step 3. Take a few primer puffs. This means inhale without pressing the fire button. Sucking the air should pull juice into your coil and you will know this is working once you see some air bubbles.

Step 4. Vape and enjoy.

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