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Right Puffing Techniques – 5 Tips to Enhance Your Vaping E-Hookah Experience

By August 15, 2017Vape Clouds
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When users switch from regular tobacco-filled cigarettes to electronic cigarette pens, there is a lot of confusion that new users face because of the lack of understanding on how the e-cigs work. There are plenty of ways that can make a huge deal of difference to your vaping experience. If you are new to the world of vaping, here are some useful and easy to follow tips that can enhance your vaping experience and perhaps sort out any confusion regarding how to use e-cigarettes and enjoy a completely satisfying vaping experience.

1. Take slow and steady draw

There is no single ideal way for vaping electronic hookahs. It depends upon vapers’ individual tastes. Some vapers prefer taking a slow and steady draw rather than a fast one. The slow drag lets you enjoy vaping to the fullest. It’s just like drinking a cocktail. You would not drink the entire cocktail in one go, similarly with e-hookahs you would not like to take one puff after another in a rush. Most importantly, with a slow draw a vaper can savor the e-liquid flavor completely. Vaping is all about savoring the myriad range of delicious flavors rather than hastily inhaling the vapor.

2. Right way to heat up the e-hookah

In order to get the electronic hookah pen heated up, follow the technique of taking several puffs in a row. However, refrain from inhaling the vapor.

3. The right way to puff

It is recommended to take 3 to 7 slow and steady draws and then give it a break. This will allow your e-hookah pen to cool down a bit. However, if you keep on taking 10 or more draws in a row, you may need to change the cartridge soon. As mentioned above, enjoy taking e-juice puffs slowly and steadily. Try and hold the e-liquid vapor in your mouth for at least 3 to 5 seconds before finally inhaling it.

4. Choosing the right nicotine strength

Another point to keep into consideration is to choose the proper nicotine strength wisely. If you were a chain cigarette smoker, you can opt for high nicotine strength such as 18mg or 24mg. However, users who are not current smokers should stay away from high nicotine strength and instead choose zero mg nicotine e-liquid. And then there is 12mg nicotine which is ideal for casual smokers and not heavy vapers.

5. Choosing the best vaping device

All electronic hookah pens are not same. They vary in terms of quality, design, battery, prices, and overall functionality. While some vaporizers are known to provide huge vapor hits, other e-hookahs guarantee great clouds. If you are new to the world of vaping, try different electronic cigarette pens to determine what suits you best. Some of the most basic components to consider are battery life and size. Choose an e-hookah with a good battery life and if you are not comfortable carrying a giant size vaporizer, opt for a sleek and lightweight e-cigarette. Another thing to keep in mind is the variable voltage. Variable voltage vaping system lets you easily customize so you enjoy the perfect vape with respect to great e-liquid flavor and amount of vapor.