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Arcane Staff Series | #19 Kids blowing FAT CLOUDS (Vape Found in SS)

By September 9, 2017Vape Clouds

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Welcome back my dudes! Sorry for the inactivity, but I am back now that Arcane Map 4 has started!

Where you can find me/Contact me:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mal3n (Follow me!)

Common Questions:

Resource Pack: Canary FPS Edit – http://www.mediafire.com/file/zr7a88je61pvu8z/%21_%C2%A71Canary_%C2%A78%5BFPS%5D.zip

Teamspeak Theme: http://forum.teamspeak.com/threads/122783-Release-DarkenTS-Save-the-eyes

Server IP: Arcane.cc

Teamspeak IP: ts.arcane.cc

BHop Mod: Private version of Squake
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Smoke Stacks rippin' HUGE Clouds! We get it OPTiMUS, You VAPE! | RC ADVENTURES

Yes, I have an SMOKER KiT in my RC! No, it can not Roll BLACK COAL – as the diesel is burning as efficiently as possible.. hah! All jokes aside though – food coloring, or “dirty” oil does not produce the black smoke – so, until then – white smoke it is. Basically, these Tug Boat Smoker / Train Set Smokers Systems are what most people refer to as a Vape. An oil based burner with an electric fan that helps blow the smoke out of the stacks on demand. I can also control the smoke on throttle input. In this video, I give a brief description of how this oil smoker works in an RC capacity – in my HUGE 6×6 OPTiMUS OVERKiLL semi truck! This this is PURE POWER and I think some of the extras are pretty neat too!

Optimus on the Trail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDTW-SNmTow

Optimus in the Snow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiKEdn0qLYQ

Optimus on the Rocks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGHN3CXkN_4

Build Specs:

1 Tamiya King Hauler Semi Truck Body
1 Airbrushed/Automotive Clear coat paint job from Bloodshot Airbrushing
4 Brushed 35t Heavy Duty Hand Wound Tekin Motors
2 Tekin RX8 Electronic Speed Controllers
1 Tekin FXR Electronic Speed Controllers (for the Smoker Kit control)
2 Axial SCX10 Transmissions w/ RRP Steel Gears (including Spurs)
4 25t RPP Hardened Motor Pinions
3 Steel Drive Shafts
3 Vanquish SCX10 Aluminum Axles with HD Helical Gears
1 Custom Extended-Frame Rail Chassis
6 Integy MSR-10 Rebuildable Shocks
6 RC4WD Rock Crusher 2.2 Tires
6 RC4WD 2.2 size Aluminum Bead Lock Wheels
3 Savox 1210SG Waterproof Servos
2 Venom 4000mah 3s Lipo Batteries
1 Vanquish Products LED bar
1 RC4WD Semi Truck Sound Kit
1 GensAce 2200mah 3s Lipo Batteries
1 Harbor Models Smoke Kit
1 PigSnot Front Stinger Bumper
1 Rear RC Rock Armor Rear Bumper
1 Spektrum DX18 RX/TX – only 8 channels used for this setup

Where I bought my smoker Kit: http://www.harbormodels.com/

Optimus OVERKiLL Paint Conversion: http://www.rcsparks.com/forum/threads/optimus-overkill-transformation.29441/

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