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Learn Top 4 Hidden Secrets To Help Creating A Vape Cloud

By February 2, 2017Vape Charger
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Vaping people in the UK are now making blowing clouds famous and taking it to a higher level. What exactly is vape cloud chasing? Well, it is a new trend where the vapers make a big vape using their devices, and so they are termed as cloud chasers. There are other names for this activity as well and some know it by the name of stunt vaping. It is an entirely new concept, and it has another surprising element as people even compete with each other as to who can make the best clouds and who can blow them quickly. There are not just followers of the activity but also are sponsors, teams as well as rewards for winning the competition.

Although not everyone likes to compete, some choose to play and try to make biggest clouds with the vapour at some stores and challenge the other person to inhale the vape that the first person makes. This is actually turning out wrong in most cases, and hence people are banning them or imposing conditions in public areas. Such activities can result to a bad impact in society. With the increase in the popularity of the sport, there are high level competitions with spectators and judges as well. The spectators are given the name of cloud gazers.

To be on a safe side, there are tips that vapers need to keep in mind And here are a few of them that should not be omitted from consideration.

* E liquid: If you wish to vape clouds then experts recommend that you use a heavy VG cloud chaser e liquid. This has a thick liquid inside and can give you dense vapour clouds. For generating a perfect cloud and to have the best flavour, the ratio of VG to PG should be 70:30. It can be used daily as well, which is safe for the health and doesn’t have too many harmful side effects in comparison to regular cigarettes. You can even get into a competition with the same ratio, and to hit higher you can go with 100% VG.

* Safety of battery: This is an important factor to be considered for vape cloud chasing. Make sure you are using a branded charger to charge your device and not a fake one. Moreover, never leave your charger for a longer duration as it may have the probability of exploding or even burn up. If your charger is not compatible with the mod you are using, then get a new one which is branded of course.

* Breathing technique: This technique is important when you want to make vape clouds. You need to understand what trick can help you make a perfect cloud or a big cloud. It is important to exhale slowly to make big clouds as fast exhaling will make thin clouds which will vanish very soon. Try to step back simultaneously as you are vaping – this is actually a trick that not too many people know of.

* Right MOD: Do not compromise with the quality of MOD. Try to get low resistant coils that are considered to be most appropriate for generating clouds. If a bad quality MOD is purchased, it can lead to an explosion or even fire hazards.

If you are thinking about trying cloud vaping or you wish to participate in a vaping competition, make sure to apply the above tips and get huge knowledge about cloud chaser e liquid and other things beforehand. Be safe and make you keep your surroundings safe.

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