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3,000 Watt Human Fog Machine Box Mod

By September 2, 2017Vape 1000 Watt


The lipo is 65c-130c amp (146 Amps Continuous or 292 Amps Burst). The build as mentioned in the video was @ 0.18 ohms hitting at around 16V. Based on Ohms law that equates to roughly 1422 Watts (less Voltage drop of course) and roughly 89 Amps. Far below the recommended maximums for this particular battery. Admittedly the battery specs should have been put into this video, however I never imagined it would have gained this kind of traction which is why I am putting them here for anyone to view.

Thank you everyone for watching.

Want to be a Human Fog Machine? Check out the link below to see how you can buy one of these badass box mods! Also his name is Ryan Jones (not Ryan Smith)! I was misinformed by my buddy on the name at first, he corrected me after the recording was finished.


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