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Amazing Healing cannabis and coconut oil products! Ask Canna Nanna

Amazing Healing cannabis and coconut oil products! Ask Canna Nanna

From Vinny Eastwood

“Ladies and gentlemen I am sitting back stunned and shocked,
something I’ve not felt in years,
This woman Paula Gray is just the most gorgeous example of a well spoken “can do” kiwi cannabis activist,
In this video she shows what I consider to be both ground breaking & breathtaking,
The extraordinary effects and wide ranging therapeutic applications for Cannabis Root mixed with coconut oil,
This should inspire and shock you at the same time like it did to me and I HIGHLY recommend it! (absolutely no pun intended… No really, I actually did that by accident)
Vinny Eastwood

From Paula:


My body is sore, my brain is blurry
I am not strong, my words are slurry

My ankles hurt, and they are all swollen
My freedom and health is what you have stolen

Your drugs will kill me, I will suffer in pain
What happens then? What will you gain?

You offer me addiction, deterioration and death
But will you listen to my kids once I take my last breath?

You see me cry, you see me beg
You promise me healthcare and then you renege

Gabapentin, Oxynorm, lorazopam and more
You are my drug dealer, you’ll give me my next score

But what if your poisons are not what I choose?
What if, by going natural I feel I can’t lose?

I have what I need to keep me in good health.
But as we all know, that interferes with your wealth.

My question to you is “how much will you care?”
Will you look after my small children when I am no longer here?

I cannot live on your drugs with their side effects ruling
I want natural health care, please do some more schooling


Fibromyalgia and arthritis sufferer
Patient not criminal”


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Pain researcher Dr. Jason McDougall discusses questions around medical cannabis and what it means for people living with arthritis.

Read the press release: http://www.arthritis.ca/first-arthritis-society-funded-study-into-medical-cannabis-announced
Video Rating: / 5