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CBD Oil for Pets: Check These Quick Aspects and Facts

By August 22, 2017Thc Vape Juice Legal

The medical use of marijuana is legal in 29 states of the US. It is used for various conditions, especially for pain relief. While there are many ways to use marijuana, many users like to use the CBD oil, which offers the benefits of marijuana, but without the intoxicating effects or ‘high.’ CBD oil is also used for dogs, and some studies have proved such claims.

CBD oil for pets is used for a number of reasons, including seizures, cancer and anxiety. Here are some of the other things you need to know.

Understanding Cannabis oil

Cannabis oil is derived from the marijuana plant through various processes. The marijuana plant is known to have around 80 different and unique cannabinoids. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is known to be the main psychoactive part, which causes the ‘high effect’ that we are aware of. CBD or cannabidiol is the medical component. CBD oil is considered to be safe for pets, as long as it is used in the right dose. Also, the quality of the product and the amount of THC also matters in getting the right benefits.

The benefits at a glance

CBD oil is used for varied purposes in animals, in particular for dogs. It can be effective in dealing with pain, arthritis, nausea, stress, and seizures. The oil contains cannabinoids, which interacts with the receptors in the body and regulates pain, anxiety and other conditions like nausea. Unlike some of the medications that have side effects, CBD oil is known to be safe for pets, and it doesn’t have any kind of damaging effects on the kidney or liver.

What are the risks?

Well, you need to be careful about the dose of CBD oil. In most cases, overdosing leads to complications. THC toxicity remains the primary concern, and if the dose is too high, the dog can feel ‘high’ for days at a stretch. As such, your pet may not eat or stand for hours. If you fear any kind of overdosing, make sure that you see a vet at the earliest. Life-threatening risks with regards to the use of CBD oil in dogs are rare.

Buying CBD oil

Depending on the state laws, you may need a medical marijuana card to get access to the marijuana products. It is possible to buy CBD oil online, as well, but make sure that the product is formulated for pets in particular. You also need to be extra careful with the different products that are available in the market, because not all are safe. If available, go for something that’s organic and certified to be safe.

Also, talk to your vet about whether you should consider CBD oil for your pet in the first place. While it is known to be safe for dogs, the information is limited for some of the other species. Don’t hesitate in reading online, where you can find some amazing details related to the use of CBD for dogs in particular. You can check retailers on the web for the best deals.

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