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An Effective Approach To Nicotine Withdrawal Is Through Electronic Cigarette

stop smoking electronic cigarette

Now that you have decided and committed to stop smoking, you are challenged by nicotine withdrawal symptoms. As a quitter you will experience this stage that will almost bring you to a point that you would want to give in and start smoking again.

Cravings to smoke, crankiness, irritability, anxiety, headache, insomnia, inability to concentrate, sore throat, dry mouth, sore tongue and gums are the nicotine withdrawal symptoms that a smoker may experience. In the first few days of withdrawal, a smoker may face the hardest challenge which is the craving for nicotine. Though these physical and mental adjustments are confirmed to be non permanent and these discomforts will not last for long, some smokers were not successful in overcoming this stage and eventually fail to quit.

Alternative solutions have been innovated to help smokers deal with the withdrawal stage. Some attempt to take the smokers’ mind out of the normal action of reaching for a cigarette. This incorporates quit smoking program and therapy. Other approaches are drastic, thus triggers the smoker to crave for more.

Another way to deal with nicotine is through a gentle and gradual process. One of the latest inventions in dealing with nicotine withdrawal syndrome is the electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarette has become the most popular aid for a gradual and gentle nicotine withdrawal. It is also known as smokeless cigarette, e-cigarette or safe cig. An electronic cigarette is battery operated and comes with nicotine solutions in different levels. A dose of nicotine is inhaled by way of vaporized solution. One will get a similar smoking sensation to that of inhaled tobacco smoke.

Electronic cigarette provides a better and gradual process for smokers to quit as nicotine solution cartridges come in full, medium, light to none. The range of nicotine strengths will make a smoker overcome nicotine addiction without having to deal with the withdrawal symptoms the usual way. A serious quitter has the option to lower the level of nicotine solution for his electronic cigarette until he is no longer dependent to nicotine.

Quitting smoking will be an attainable task with this latest invention. All adjustments, as long as it is drastic, will always be difficult to deal with. As you have not developed nicotine addiction overnight, you will never be able to overcome it in a day as well.

It is tough to quit smoking but it can be done. It is never too late to stop smoking; electronic cigarette might be the ideal alternative for you to quit smoking. With the safe cig, you could be one of the number of cigarette smokers who cease smoking without going through nicotine cravings.