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Trading In Your Tobacco Smoke For An Electric Cigarette

By February 11, 2017Smoke Stick
smoke stick

Even though you might have been smoking tobacco for years and think you can not do without it, it is not the tobacco that you are actually craving all of the time. It is the nicotine and just the habit of smoking something and not really the tobacco itself. However, it is the tobacco and the process of burning it and inhaling the smoke from it that is so deadly for you. There is a better way to get your nicotine without having to burn and inhale burned tobacco smoke to do it.

Inhaling a nicotine vapor that is mostly water is one solution and you can have that solution when you purchase an electric cigarette. This smoking, or vaporizing device does not have any tobacco at all in it. It has a nicotine solution in the filter that is heated by a small metal object called an atomizer. The atomizer works because of the rechargeable battery that looks like the part of the cigarette where the tobacco is usually placed.

When you charge up your electric cigarette, it is ready to use. You puff on it just as you would a regular cigarette. The upside is, and there are several, you get no toxic smoke. You have no ashes to worry about. You never have to worry about burning anything because the fiery tip falls off. Although there is a tip that glows on the electric cigarette, it is not fire. It is only there to give you illusion of smoking. A trick for the mind so to speak.

The electric cigarette does not require an ashtray or a place to put it out. When you have smoked the equivalent of about one cigarette, you simply put it flat in your pocket or in a case. One charged battery stick and one filter should be enough to last you all day if you are accustomed to smoking a pack of tobacco cigarettes per day. When you consider that one filter is a pack and lasts all day, you will be paying about half the cost you are used to.

The electric cigarette is thought by many researchers to not be a threat to the health of others, but studies are still being done. Since there is no tar produced, it definitely has to be better than burning tobacco. You still might not be able to use your electric cigarette just anywhere you like until more studies have been completed, but some places will allow you to use it.