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Improve Your Vapes with the Revolutionary SMOK Micro One Starter Kit

By November 7, 2016Smok Vape
smok vape

The fact is that cigarettes have remained more or less the same for around a century or so. Of course, they are also harmful for your health and the environment. Vaping is always a better a choice and you can certainly switch over to this activity easily. However, you need to have a good kit to start vaping with. After all, you should not have to face a lot of difficulties when you are starting to vape. You should try out the SMOK Micro One Starter Kit when you are planning to do so as it is one.

This kit is not only meant for those new to the activity but also for experienced vapers. This starter kit has all the features necessary to help you ensure that each vape is as good as the last one or even better. Here are some of the features offered by the Smok X Cube 2 CMK Cloud Machine Kit.

The Features
This vaporizer and kit has some pretty nice features that are worth checking out. Some of them have been mentioned below.

The Battery: The capacity of the battery determines how long you can use the device for vaping. That is why care has been taken to implement and internal battery of 4000mAh. As a result, you can use the vaporizer throughout the day without worrying when the battery will run out.

The Temperature Control: The kitcomes with a R80 Temp Control mod box. With it, you can easily adjust the temperature to modify the taste that you prefer. At the same time, the body is resistant to the temperature changes. Therefore, you can change the temperature without worrying about heating issues. The temperature can be accurately fine-tuned to meet your vaping requirements.

The Tank: This is easily one of the exciting features of the Smok X Cube 2 CMK Cloud Machine Kit. Thanks to the Micro TFV4 tank, the dual quad airflow systems can be easily maintained by the kit. The tank capacity can be further increased thanks to the presence of a replacement glass tube.

The Design: The design of the kit is another thing you will be appreciating while you vape. The design is sleek and cutting edge. The glossy looks are certainly appealing. Moreover, the kit is quite light, allowing it to be carried with ease.

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