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How to get more vapor from your e-cig – 4 easy steps

By January 22, 2017Smok E Cig

9/20/14 – I have learned quite a bit more about electronic cigarettes and vaping in the months since I released this video, and I will be recording a new one within a week. Much of the information in this video is still useful, but please keep your eyes open for a “Version 2.0” of this video. ALSO: If you’re looking for vapor production from weed vaporizers, please look elsewhere. This video is strictly about e-cigarettes – I don’t smoke weed. Thanks =D

A tutorial on how to get more vapor from your e-cig:

1. Juice selection – VG e-juice is going to give you much more vapor than PG-based juice. I prefer max VG, however you can go 80/20 or even 70/30 and still get decent clouds. If you don’t know the ratio, look at the juice: Is it thick or runny? The thicker it is, the more dense vapor it will typically produce.

2. Ohms & Amps – Less ohms = more amps at any given voltage. Higher amperage translates into more heat at the coil, which makes more vapor (assuming the juice can wick to the coil fast enough – a factor that is often out of your control)

3. Airflow – More airflow across the coil means you can carry the vaporized juice away from the coil and allow new juice to vaporize, which means more vapor, much faster.

4. Dripping and RDA’s. – Dripping is hands down the best way to get more vapor. There are different styles of dripping atomizers and mechanical mods available, so do your homework and figure out what type will work best for you.
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My camera makes this sound a lot louder than it is in person. I made this simple with an e-cigarette cartomiser and the pump from an electric water pistol. In the video the motor is powered by a 3v battery pack and the cig is powered from a 4.8V pack. I used a more refined version to create the smoking glove effect in the following video.