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Super Silver Haze Marijuana Seeds

By November 5, 2016Skunk Marijuana
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Super Silver Haze Marijuana Seeds
Super Silver Haze marijuana seeds are a cross between a non-indica-dominant strain of Northern Lights, Super Skunk, and Haze. Its name comes from the decidedly silvery gleam that the THC crystals produce on the buds toward the end of flowering. It has a spiritual sequel referred to as Super Silver Haze, but the original works just fine for many growers and smokers.
Smoking Effects
Super Silver Haze marijuana seeds produces a strong high that provides you with an uplifted, clear-headed mood and outlook. This is a variety that is ideal for daytime smoking because it allows you to be more creative and energetic. It exudes an almost piney aroma that is coupled with fruity undertones. It is a true 50-50 hybrid so it will produce both a head high and a body buzz. The same sort of sweet, piney aroma is transferred over to the actual taste of the smoke as well.
Plant Features
Super Silver Haze marijuana seeds are particularly adept at surviving under extreme conditions. It is not susceptible to mold and lower outdoor temperatures than many other varieties. Resin production is amplified enough to give the plant a silvery sheen. This high THC content is, perhaps, one of the major draws of Super Silver Haze. The plant can be a bit unwieldy if its height is not kept in check outdoors. Be sure to prune these plants regularly to avoid overgrowth or suspicion. Indoors, these marijuana plants will only grow to a medium height. The buds will be airy at first, but, over time, they start to become much denser and more compact. Super Silver Haze is not recommended for beginners because of the difficult in growing it, but it can be a solid option for those with some experience. Yields of the Super Silver Haze marijuana seeds generally come out to around 500 grams per square meter.
Medicinal Uses
The robust body buzz and clear-headed high that this hybrid offers is ideal for treating anxiety and stress. It’s a good way to reduce tension both physically and mentally. Patients that have anxiety to some degree have made use of Super Silver Haze marijuana seeds as an effective medicinal option. It can also have indications for those suffering with chronic pain or depression as well. Buy Super Silver Haze marijuana seeds here.