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An account of a few of the top breeders

By December 20, 2016Serious Seeds
serious seeds

Reserva Privada

Reserva Privada, a sub-sector of DNA Genetics, is a veteran crowd of breeders hailing from the Westest Coast of America and they have been provided with a platform for showcasing their unusual strains. The majority of genetics of this group are local to the West Coast of United States, with every breeder being sheltered by medicinal regulations that exist in California.

The uncommonness of strains made by this group implies that inadequate numbers are made. Numerous across the world are going to find it nearly impossible to locate their strains. Nevertheless, Reserva Privada seeds can now be bought straight from some websites to experience the exclusive genetics fashioned by an indistinct but artistic set of breeders

Paradise Seeds offer the most excellent collection of cannabis seeds

During the early stages of 1990’s, numerous coffee shops of Amsterdam had been importing strains of cannabis from across the world. Nevertheless, some considered the quality to be nowhere close to sufficiently good. Thus Paradise Seeds came into being in an attempt to fashion enhanced strains of cannabis, having sweeter flavors as well as stronger highs.

For some time this was an individual venture. Nevertheless, when word went around of the exhilarating strains being made and coffee shops found interest. Demand boosted drastically and by 1999 and the Sensi Star strain of Paradise Seeds was awarded 1st prize in the Highlife Cup.


Humboldt happens to be the epicenter of marijuana business in Northern California.

Humboldt Seeds association is a group of growers as well as breeders working in Emerald Triangle, making superior organic marijuana, gathering and doing tests of seeds, making clones of the most excellent strains, investigating on precise medical strains, and rearing the most excellent cannabis inheritance which California has to offer.

Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds happens to be the multifaceted corporation of Ben Dronkers, and was founded by him in 1985. From that time he along with his family as well as friends have sustained their work to do anything it takes to augment, guard , endorse and adore cannabis in every one of its forms, and generally to defend and further build up its genotypes for upcoming generations. Sensi Seeds is accountable for the dawn of lots of steady hybrids and merits a top spot in the account of marketable cannabis.

Serious Seeds

Serious Seeds happens to be so focused on delivering the most consistent cannabis seeds that they place an exclusive number on all breeder packs they distribute out.