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Why Go Public – How To Raise Capital – Save Your Company Now

By July 24, 2017Seed Banks
seed banks

If you think economic conditions are tough now, you haven’t seen anything yet. Europe’s collapse is just getting started which will affect our exports, banking and real estate market all over again. Our nation’s current financial traction is only temporary and we still have one to three more cycles of down spiraling real estate market conditions to deal with.

Believe none of what you hear from politicians and half of what you see as to them it’s all just a sitcom entwined in smoke and mirrors. To your local government official you’re just a rat on a treadmill chasing after scraps from their table. Do you honestly think you matter to them? All they care about is votes, don’t be naive by thinking they ran for office because of social conviction.

You are just a vote on a ticket in a ballet box, nothing more.
The two sectors of the market that have been hardest hit are small/medium size business due to lack of growth capital and shrinking client base and the employees of these companies who have lost their jobs because of cut backs. Being that most issues lie with the demise of the entrepreneur let’s take a closer look at the problems they face and how we can solve them.

Small business is the lifeblood to our nation’s economy. Our entrepreneurs feed an economy which once guzzled luxury items, technology and solutions that made our lives easier. With funding cuts from the top of the economic food chain (Fed to banks to entrepreneurs) there are no lines of credit to offset temporary losses which in turn creates substantial losses without the critical and timely rebound. Companies can’t grow because of the lack of expansion capital, lease options and other alternative financing mechanisms.

While your senator will stand and entertain questions at a press conference make no mistake you’re trapped in a spider filled casket in a forgotten crypt. Grim? Absolutely. Disgusting and despicable is more like it. Instead of promoting concepts that can empower business owners, politicians keep silent as we all slide into the tar pit in one communal involuntary suicide.

Here is the information that they are not telling you. Here is a solution to the problem of a bankrupt middle class and the ever shrinking small/medium size business. Our solution lies in two very simple words, “Private Capital”.
There are solutions and you have power to change your fate.

Private capital comes in many forms but here we are going to talk about Regulation D Rule 506 which stemmed from the Securities Act of 1933 which is an SEC approved way of splitting your company up into organized shares and selling those shares to the public via public offering through private placement also referred to as a private placement memorandum. You can sell shares to accredited investors who believe in your business model. A PPM can be a pre IPO (otcbb) structure, long term investment with a certain exit strategy or you can pay dividends. There are many options, just pick one and move forward.

My personal favorite for helping qualified corporations raise capital and take control is using a PPM to raise a seed capital round and use the proceeds to fund an SEC audit, S1 Filing, 15c211 filing to FINRA approval and trading symbol disbursement. Yes, it is that easy to take your company public. Most companies won’t qualify for the NASDAQ or NYSE and you shouldn’t even consider the cesspool of the pink sheets but a wonderful platform that works great with the above and a solid investor relations strategy is the OTCBB (over the counter bulletin boards).

Once your company is public you can sell securities and cross collateralize your securities for a quick capital raise with minimal institutional banking intervention and drawbacks. Find a consultant who can take you through the process and can demonstrate solid comprehension of your business genre. Take control now!

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