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Purchase Survival Seeds To Plant An Emergency Garden

By October 11, 2016Seed Banks
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Some news reports and advertisements on the radio and online have people worried about whether or not the international food supply is dwindling. Regardless of whether all these reports are true, they seem to be changing public opinion as many people are now investing in survival seeds. If a sudden disaster were to make it impossible to buy food, you could use survival seed banks to plant a crisis garden capable of sustaining your family for years.

Peace of mind is extremely valuable to most people, and this is what makes survival seeds so appealing. Everyone wants to keep their families safe and healthy, but disastrous events at times restrict your ability to do so. Having a stockpile of seeds with which you can plant an emergency garden is ideal for people worried about future food shortages that could be sudden, widespread, or extended.

The seeds packaged in survival seed banks and kits are not the garden variety ones you find in local nurseries. Many modern growers use genetically changed seeds, some of which would not be suitable for an emergency garden. These modified seeds are known to have much lower growth rates than non-hybrid seeds, also called heirloom seeds. That is why seed bank kits only come with non hybrid seeds that can grow into healthy plants that give off both seeds and produce.

Survival seed kits are sold to people with different needs, so packages are not all the same size; choose the right one for you based on your personal needs. Some kits are made for large farms while others can be grown in just one acre of land. Each has a different quantity of seeds based on the size of garden you will be planting. Every company that sells seed banks makes their own selections as to which seeds they will contain, so you will have to research each seed bank if you want certain specific plants in your kit.

Survival seeds provide you the opportunity to protect your family from crisis and uncertainty by allowing you to plant and maintain your own emergency garden. The health of your loved ones comes above everything else, and this is one great way to ensure your well being in an emergency. Review seed kits before you purchase one, being sure to get survival seeds that have not been genetically modified.

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