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Process Involved In Producing Feminized Seeds

By October 27, 2016Seed Banks
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Feminized seed – anybody would know that this refers to feminine seeds. But there is more to this since we know that not all the seeds produced by plants are feminine, there definitely are male seeds. Feminized seeds are seeds that had been produced through the use of techniques that caused the modification of the plants’ genetics.

With the feminization of the seeds, the problem of identifying the male seeds of a plant is eliminated. With the technique, the plants will have seeds that will be used in the production of buds that are smoked. There are people who think that this is not normal procedure since this is altering the course of nature. However, this scientific discovery is necessary to benefit mankind.

How to produce feminized seed

Feminized seeds are produced through a prize female plant. From this plant you get several cuttings known as clones. These clones are grown through several techniques. The female plant clones will be stressed to produce pollen and this will be used back on the female in order to produce hundred percent of female seeds.

Various techniques that stress out female plant into pollen production had been used. Any female plant that is going to die will be programmed to be regenerated. The plant is going to continue with its existence through its offsprings. Basically, when a female plant is threatened to die, its tendency is to produce lots of pollens which it would pollinate.

There are different seed banks that are producing feminized seeds. New products to help in feminizing the seeds are being offered for sale today. You can check out these companies and it would be worth to discover that their products indeed help to produce feminized seeds. What could be astonishing in these new products is that they are safe, reliable and effective as alternative method. If you find the good quality product that aids in feminizing seeds, this product should be definitely non-toxic and non-allergenic. In making your choice, this product should not cause any harm to the user, the plants and pets.

The main benefits in the process of seed feminization had been found to be advantageous. First, of course is that female seeds are produced. There will be higher yields from tap roots. The seeds would be eligible for future use; crop timing is very important to this. The new products have the capability to allow you to save your strain.

Feminizing seeds is becoming a goal by many agricultural producers. This is production of plants that will produce female pollens. With more female pollen, you will be able to increase productivity in your plants. The more female plants there are, the more female seeds are produced. And as more seeds are produced, you can expect for more fruits. However, the product to be used in feminizing the seeds should come from reliable firms.