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How to Re-Apply for Startup Loans or Seed Capital After your Bank Declined

By November 3, 2016Seed Banks
seed banks

So your bank declined after complying with all the requirements necessary in applying for a startup loan? It is very discouraging when after all the efforts you have invested in and the time consumed of securing all the documents needed, you were still rejected by your bank. This loan rejection could affect your business lines of credit for future business loans. But do not take it personally because there are always challenges when going through the business loans application process. Try to stay calm and find out why your application was not approved.

It is imperative to know and understand why your loan application was not approved by your bank. Most of these financial institutions would not go through the details as to why your application was declined because they are afraid they might be offending you, but knowing the reasons why can be crucial to your business success and it can be very helpful in your subsequent business loan applications. You may ask your lending officer politely and tell him that you understood why they would not be able to help you; however, you need to know the reasons of their disapproval in preparation for your next loan application.

After being turned down from your local bank, stay calm and do not lose your hope. The rejection of your loan application may only reflect the financial health situation of the bank, perhaps the bank is not really in good financial shape and are only offering loans to their best valued customers. But it does not mean that you are not one of their best valued customers, perhaps these clients are their loyal customers who have been in business with them for such a very long time. If you have been their client for such a very long time as well, perhaps you were the last one to apply.

There are few best options left for you in acquiring startup loans or seed capital for your startup business. Your best solution is to look for a financial firm that offers unsecured business loans which do not demand for many requirements unlike your local conventional bank. It is best to partner with this type of unsecured business financing firm who understands your financial needs and helps you obtain unsecured business lines of credit.

There are angel investors network as well that can provide you seed capital that eliminates unnecessary applications which could also have resulted in disapproving your previous business loan application. This network of investors may help you analyze your business plan, offer essential coaching for entrepreneurs seeking to raise venture capital, and will work with you to accomplish your goals. Partnering with angel investors for your startup business enables your business to succeed and they will continue to help your existing business for future expansion.

There are several financial institutions other than banks where you can obtain business funding for your startup business or business expansion. If you are not familiar in your area, you may search on the internet and apply through online, or you may call their hotline numbers and they would be happy to assist you with your financial needs.

Originally published on March 3, 2014


Some 20,000 new seed samples were added to the collection held by the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway late last month.

The new additions included Japanese barley, Brazilian beans, wild potatoes and wild sweet potatoes from Peru, and red okra seeds from the United States.

Opened in 2008, the seed bank is located in the remote archipelago of Svalbard, which is about 1,300 metres away from the North Pole. Only 2,000 people live in the closest town.

Dubbed “the Doomsday seed vault”, the facility is carved into the permafrost of a mountain at about 130 metres above sea level, an attitude that protects the vault from climate change. It will remain dry even if the surrounding ice caps melt.

The seed bank can act as a beacon, as it is fitted with light installations. The roof and entrance are paved with highly reflective steel, mirrors and prisms. In summer months, the polar lights are reflected; optic cables radiate turquoise and white lights during winter.

Connected to the entrance with a 93.3 metre-long tunnel, the Svalbard Global Seed Bank consists of three vaults.The temperature is maintained at minus 18 degrees Celsius in the storage area.

Five hundred seeds of each variety are placed in special four-play packages, which are vacuum and heat-sealed. The envelopes are then placed inside black boxes, which are put on shelves inside each vault.

About 820,000 plant seed samples from around the world are now deposited in the seed bank.


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