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How to Fix Back Yard Ruts With Garden Bridges

By June 21, 2017Seed Banks
seed banks

Remake your back yard ruts with garden bridges. If your lawn features an annoying rut, you might be afraid for your family’s safety. People who aren’t paying attention could twist their ankles as they step in the rut. Or maybe you are simply tired of the muddy tracks that your children or dogs leave all over your floors after they have been running through that rut in your back yard. Garden bridges can span the rut. With some planning and additional expense (beyond the cost of the bridge), you can even transform the rut into a mini outdoor getaway.

To begin the transformation, you should research your options for filling the rut. Think of materials such as large stones, gravel, or sand. You don’t need to fill the rut and seed it for grass. Instead, you are adding sand or rocks that will simulate a creek bed, without the water. You will need to estimate the amount of filler necessary to line the rut. Measure the area of your rut to help you determine an approximate volume of filler. When you calculate this volume, you can check prices and select an option that fits with your budget.

If your budget for this project looks skimpy, check with construction sites around your area. You may be able to obtain free stone from these sites. Sometimes builders excavate rock on construction sites. They may be willing to give you the rock for free if you can arrange to take it off their hands.

Before you shop for garden bridges, take time to measure the length between the “banks” of your “creek.” You will want to select a bridge that will fit. Compare the measurement with the finished length of the bridge, which should be listed in the product specifications. Assemble and install your bridge according to the product directions.

Add plants and flowers to the scene. Garden bridges look even more charming when color and life surround them. Plan some finishing touches to add flair to the transformation of your back yard rut. You can plant flowers in pots and place them at the corners of the bridge. If your bridge has railings, you could hang window boxes on the railings. You could plant a tree to the side or plant flowers or other interesting ground cover along the sides of the rut. You can even place a patio set on the far side of the bridge.

Back yard ruts no longer need to annoy you. To transform yours, fill the rut. For an economical option, remember to check at local construction sites. Inquire if the contractors have any rock to get rid of. Shop for garden bridges in styles and designs that fit your tastes. Always check the lengths of these bridges against the width of the rut. After you install the bridge, add details to liven up the spot. Grow plants and flowers near the bridge. Use outdoor furniture to create a new spot for your family to relax together. Enjoy the transformation of your trouble spot into a mini getaway.