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Hoquiam Population – A place you want to call home

By July 24, 2017Seed Banks
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Thinking about finding a place where you can re-settle your family and find somewhere nice, away from the hustle and bustle of a big city but still have that feeling of heritage and history or looking for a community where you can invest or start a little business that you have been dreaming of for a time now. Most people will not even think about leaving their home, the place where they grew up, but there comes a time in our life when we have to have security and peace of mind and in most big cities that is a bit hard to come by.

The main considerations that people ask in finding a suitable home away from home is of course, employment, peace and order issues, climate, how good is the local government and its basic services and of course what kind of residents do you expect to be your neighbors. What kind of people are you going to deal with day in and day out, this is something that a lot of individuals and families think seriously about.

If you are really into looking for a new home to get a fresh start or invest in then the city of Hoquiam maybe the place for you. Hoquiam in the state of Washington is a lovely place to live in. Its nestled near the banks of the Hoquiam river and is surrounded by nature. It was established by people who new hard work and perseverance was key to survival and personal growth, it was built by men and women who saw something out of wilderness and forest and used those to forge progress.

People who made Hoquiam what it was and what it is today is surprisingly varied in the purest sense of the word. A lot of people came from all around to try their hand in working for the lumber industry that was Hoquiam’s seed of life as a town, since the mid 1800’s, Hoquiam was a busy lumber town, where fortunes and misfortunes were all made of wood. Thus, the people who first settled Hoquiam had to do with lumber and if not so, were providing their goods and services to those who did.

The present population of Hoquiam is pretty small compared to other cities around Washington, it has the following demographics. Of the total population there are 4,425 males and that is 48.6% of the total population, there are 4,672 females or 51.4% of the population. There are 2,491 under 18 or 7.4% of the Hoquiam population, there are 6,606 above 18 years of age or 2.6% of the population, 15.3% of that is 65+1, or 393 of the total residents. The median age is 36.1 and the average family size is 3.09. The ethnic mix is as follows; White 8,125 or 9.3%, African-American 29 or 0.3%, Asian 107 or 1.2%, American Indian & Alaskan 351 or 3.9%, Other 190 or 2.1%, Mixed Race 289 or 3.2%, Hispanic (included in categories above) 523 or 5.7%.

Hoquiam is very proud of its heritage and history as a people and as a town that hard work built. People who come visit the town sense that pride and deep sense of history still. Unlike in other places, other cities where history is hidden and only a few still know about it, in Hoquiam history is celebrated it is renewed and in some cases given life anew to be part of the now and the future. Old homes like the Polson’s place now the Polson museum, Robert Lytle’s Victorian-style mansion now called Hoquiam’s Castle and is presently being used as a Bed and Breakfast Inn, and the 7th Street Theatre, still entertaining after all those years, as well as the Hoquiam Train Depot, refurbished and leased to the State of Washington, still after many decades of use is still serving people today.

Hoquiam City is what you are looking for in a place to invest or start anew. Its somewhere you can settle in and never leave, well, of course you can but as always, a part of you stays there in a wonderful sort of way.

In the town called Hoquiam, you will never feel alone and you will always feel you belong to something good and honorable. It is a place where you will never run out of good neighbors and new friends. All you have to be to get all of this good things is that you show those who have come before you that you are what people in Hoquiam have always been, good people.

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