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Grow Natural, Healthy Food With Non Hybrid Seeds

By October 14, 2016Seed Banks
seed banks

Although many people have heard about the importance of using and storing non hybrid seeds, few of them actually understand the reasons why. The truth is that these special seed varieties provide a host of benefits, including better nutrition, the ability to grow your own independent food supply, the financial advantages of sustainable gardening, and many others. These seeds are not hard to locate; you can get them from your own natural crops or from seed banks and growers who collect heirloom seeds.

The best seeds to place in an emergency garden kit or survival seed bank are non hybrid seeds. More and more people are becoming concerned about the future of the world’s food stores and whether or not they will be able to provide food for their loved ones in case of a food shortage. However, by collecting and storing a thorough supply of non hybrid seeds, they ensure that they can grow their own sustainable gardens in case of an emergency.

Reproduction and germination rates are notably lower in genetically altered and hybrid seed varieties. Genetic alterations have made seeds that grow into fully mature plants and give produce but do not give off any seeds. While this is great for modern commercial growers, an emergency garden needs to be sustainable to be truly beneficial. All survival garden kits should have non hybrid seeds in order to ensure that the plants will reproduce correctly.

There is no real way to check into the nutritional quality of fruits and vegetables if you are not sure what seeds they have grown for or where the produce has come from. Though growers and researchers commonly breed seeds based on traits like produce size, durability, and pest resistance, they rarely focus on breeding the most nutritionally sound varieties. The fact that non hybrid seeds are natural and unchanged means their fruits and vegetables will be both tasty and healthy.

Planting a garden with non hybrid seeds provides financial benefits now in addition to providing security for the future of your family’s food supply. Your garden will give fruits, vegetables, and natural seeds that you can plant again to keep your garden full each season; all you have to do is invest in the first set of seeds. Non hybrid seeds let you set up a sustainable garden that will save you money and keep your family healthy no matter what happens.

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