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Database Management Course with Oracle Certification

By February 8, 2017Seed Banks
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Database Management Course is one of the leading IT course which has all the benefits in securing your life. This article talks on the course topics used in completing this course. To give an insight Oracle is one of the leading database topics, everything in today’s life revolves around Oracle. Over the years lots of developments have been done to this line of management. With the use of modern technology it is now possible to complete this course and secure your life.

Course topics for Oracle course –

Oracle 10G SQL Program

* Introduction
* Writing Basic SQL SELECT Statements
* Restricting and Sorting Data
* Single- Row Functions
* Displaying Data from Multiple Tables
* Aggregating Data Using Group Functions
* Sub queries
* Producing Readable Output with iSQL *Plus
* Manipulating Data
* Creating and Managing Tables
* Including Constraints
* Creating Views
* Other Database Objects
* Controlling User Access
* SQL Workshop
* Using SET Operators
* Oracle 10g Date time Functions
* Enhancements to the GROUP BY Clause
* Advanced Sub queries
* Hierarchical Retrieval
* Oracle10g Extensions to DML and DDL Statement

Oracle 10G Admin – I

* Architecture
* Installing the Oracle Database Software
* Creating an Oracle Database
* Managing the Oracle Instance
* Managing Database Storage Structures
* Administering User Security
* Managing Schema Objects
* Managing Data and Concurrency
* Managing Undo Data
* Implementing Oracle Database Security
* Configuring the Oracle Network Environment
* Proactive Maintenance
* Performance Management
* Backup and Recovery Concepts
* Performing Database Backup
* Performing Database Recovery
* Performing Flashback

Oracle 10 G – Admin – II

* Using Globalization Support Objectives
* Configuring Recovery Manager
* Recovering from user errors
* Dealing with Database Corruption
* DB Verify
* Automatic Database Management
* Using Recovery Manager
* Recovering from Non-Critical Losses
* Monitoring and Managing Storage
* Automatic Storage Management
* Monitoring and Managing Memory
* Database Recovery
* Flashback Database
* Managing Resources
* Automating Tasks with the Scheduler

Always go for an institute which is ready to offer placement options at the end of the course. This is where you would find a genuine and reliable institute. Conduct a research which can help in knowing the best type of institute for your needs. If you need financial aid then yes there are institutes which have tie-ups with banks. Oracle Certification Course should help in giving you knowledge about the entire functioning of a database.

Selecting Database Management Course therefore proves to be beneficial in the long run. The requirement of database managers is having an increasing trend. Make hay when the sun shines, adapt this proverb and secure your future. Always go for those institutes which are offering genuine certification programs.

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