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Cannabis – A Gift of Nature

By October 28, 2016Seed Banks
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Cannabis – or marijuana as it is more popularly known – is often dismissed as a psychedelic plant that works as a psychoactive drug with many negative side effects. But not many people are aware that the cannabis plant even carries medicinal and therapeutic value – for instance, it is especially beneficially in reducing the nausea and vomiting that is associated with the treatment of cancer and AIDS. It can stimulate the appetite and alleviate chronic pain too, while some strains even work as a very effective antidepressant that can lift the mood immediately. The cannabis seed oil and fiber carry excellent nutritional value as well.

Some types of cannabis plants are often used for the production of textile fiber pulp and paper. Another variety called hemp works as an excellent nutritional supplement and is enjoying growing popularity as a ‘super food’ today!

Yet, it cannot be denied that consumption of cannabis induces an ecstatic and mystical experience that can even work as a process of self release! But it is also a powerful healer that can even awaken the spirit and nourish the soul. Cannabis even forms a part of many traditional rituals and religious ceremonies, mostly for spiritual growth.

The trick lies in the correct use of this nature’s bounty – it should be used responsibly as mindless abuse of this substance is what turns harmful.

Furthermore, advanced cultivation techniques and cross breeding attempts have led to the development of some top strains of powerful and exotic species of cannabis. For example, some strains are bred in such a way so as to produce minimal levels of THC (the primary psychoactive constituent in cannabis).

The resultant graines de cannabis are not just interesting, but easy to cultivate as well. And this is why many people flock to many a weed seed shop to source the cannabis seeds for home cultivation. Graines de cannabis is also popular with farmers and cultivators who grow cannabis on a larger scale.

Professional cultivators will be well aware that only the female cannabis plants are useful, that too only as long as they are unfertilized. Therefore, the male variants have to be detected and destroyed immediately, before they can fertilize, and therefore, spoil the female ones. Accordingly, top seed banks have developed a useful feminized variant of the graines de cannabis. This essentially guarantees that the resultant cannabis plant will be feminine only, thus eliminating the need to detect and remove the male plants!

Then, most weed seed shops also offer auto flowering cannabis seeds that have a much shorter harvesting cycle than the regular variants. The auto flowering seeds can grow from seed to harvest within 8 to 10 weeks and are therefore, are much easier to cultivate, especially for beginners!

Growers should carefully choose good quality and fresh cannabis seeds as the genetic makeup is what ultimately determines the quality of the final yield! And a good weed seed shop will definitely offer you a wide selection of top varieties of cannabis seeds….

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