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Benefits of Software Testing Course From Seed Infotech

By November 3, 2016Seed Banks
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Software testing offers several opportunities to the tester in terms of his career. Several institutes crowd the IT Domain where students can complete Software Testing Course. The course offers several growth options to the user, it promises your dream job and a huge paycheck every month. Before you go ahead with your career plans about software testing, please adhere to the guidelines mentioned in this article, as they will help you in saving time and money.

Every institute is different; conduct your research about the institute and the course it has to offer. Ensure you cover all the points in details when it comes to course structure.
Placement options should be present that would help in securing your job. Do check the list of companies visiting the institute for placements. The companies should be from the list of Fortune 500 Companies.
Feel free to check the website of the institute. Institute website will carry all the information about the course, it will also portray details in regards to it teaching. If you come across any negative comment from its students then kindly refrain from getting admission to such an institute.
Lookout for loan options, most of the institutes offer loan options to students who are opting for Software Testing Course. The interest rate of such loans is definitely less from other banks.

Benefits of completing Software Testing Course;

You are eligible for a job as a software tester in multinational companies and other leading organizations.
Know all the applications and software used for testing purposes. The course modules will equip you with all the necessary knowledge in regards to software testing.
Be a team leader when you have spent years in software testing, there is no stoppage to your growth in an organization.
Complete the course by getting high-end training and certifications from authorized bodies. General institutions offering certification programs are accepted worldwide, completing courses with such certifications will be a major boost to your career.

Fundamentals of Software Testing

Module 1 – Introduction to Software Testing – 3 hrs
Module 2 – Skills of a Software Tester – 3 hrs
Module 3 – Software Verification and Validation – 3 hrs
Module 4 – Levels of Testing – 3 hrs
Module 5 – Test Planning – 2 hrs
Module 6 – Test Design – 4 hrs
Module 7 – Test Execution: 1 hr (Theory)
Module 8 – Defect Management – 2 hrs
Simulation Case Study – 3 hrs
Test Project – 30 hrs

Additional details of Software Testing Course

Module 1

Software Quality & Testing Concepts
Manual Software Testing

Module 2

Functional Testing Tool
Test Management Tool
Defect Tracking Tool

Module 3

Case Studies/Projects
Linux Fundamentals (Complimentary)

The above-mentioned benefits surely prove to be beneficial for a student seeking software-testing domain. Everything boils down to a reputed institute, if you get this step right then consider your future to be safe.

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