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Why You Should Clean Your Bird Feeders

By December 16, 2016Seed Bank
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There are a lot of reasons why bird feeders have to be kept clean and well sterilized. Totally comprehending the significance of maintaining your bird feeders is essential to the wellness of all bird species that visit your yard.

One of the most substantial reasons why bird feeders need to be kept clean is of course to keep your backyard environment healthy and germ free. Spoiled and unclean bird feeders could lead to the development of molds and bacteria which stem from spoiled bird seed, bird feces and also from other birds that may have been infected.

Spreading of infections amongst birds is high so you should take note of these aspects. You must check the feeding ports each time you fill your feeders just to be sure. You can scrape any blocked seed out between cleanings for added measure.

Making the effort to clean your bird feeders is a significant preventative technique to avoid the spreading of suspected bird diseases. Make sure to clean every part completely and also provide time for all the parts to be entirely dry prior to re-assembling the feeder. This will certainly prevent it from rust and corrosion or seed clogging.

Apart from these, there are added reasons why we need to maintain and wash our bird feeders. Spoiled bird seed will certainly result in the development of a stinky odor in your yard. Birds are seldom impacted from odours since they have an insufficient sense of smell however bad odours can rapidly entice additional undesirable visitors like rats, cockroaches,flies amongst other insects and pests. This may introduce infection that could possibly harm your birds.

To decrease the possibility of damage to your feeders, you need to keep them clean. Spoiled seed will certainly introduce wood decay which in a short period of time will ruin and destroy your wood feeders. Seed which has currently hardened will certainly stick in the feeding ports also.

Clogging of mesh, hinges and specifically feeding ports will certainly cause damage to your feeder. If you delayed cleaning your feeders, the metal will rust over time which is undoubtedly damaging to your birds.

Additionally, the plastic elements such as the clear seed tube will definitely stain and go foggy. In the long run, a little bit of effort will certainly conserve your bank account because your feeders will last a lot longer and should not need to be replaced.

The frequency of cleaning your bird feeders hinges on some factors such as the following:

1. The kind of bird seed you use and also if you have any type of suet
feeders, these are needed to be cleaned more frequently. Bird seed which is higher in oil content are likely to cause staining and also discoloration of feeders in a short time period. Apart from this, oily seed will quickly get congested in the feeding ports or mesh which is why you should clean more regularly when utilizing this type of seed. The amount of disposed seed needs to be taken in to consideration because you do not want the area below your feeders to be gathering waste and over time, forming bacteria.

2. The amount of birds that visit your feeders is an added factor to think about. The higher the number you need to feed, the quicker your feeders will get dirty which will certainly need more consistent cleaning. There will definitely be a larger number of bird feces every day which will produce more bacteria so always take this into consideration.

3. The temperature and climate are big factors to consider. In areas which have chilly and dry climates, feeders could be cleaned less often since the bird seed will not get spoiled as rapidly as it does in a hot or a humid environment. More regular cleaning of feeders is suggested as the left over seed on the feeder could very easily get spoiled in a warm climate. Bird feeders need to be cleaned right away when there is a dead bird around as it will have certainly developed bacteria in the area. If there are any sick or unhealthy looking birds visiting your feeder you should clean it immediately and replace the seed.

To properly clean your bird feeders it will require a scrub brush, some mild dish soap, a pail or a large sink and warm water. You should use an old toothbrush to help get into those tight spots. Some manufacturers claim that there feeders are dishwasher safe, however it’s not encouraged as it could cause some damage from the extreme heat and do you really want bacteria or bird feces getting on your dishes?

Make the effort to do this due to the fact that it is essential to the health of your birds. Not only will it keep your birds free of disease but your feeders will last much longer and the surrounding area will definitely be more pleasing to the eye.

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