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The Ultimate Oracle Certification Course

By February 9, 2017Seed Bank
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Oracle Certification Course can provide you with the right type of knowledge that you seek in IT related course. Several institutes are present to offer DBA Training Course with placement options. This article widely talks on those course contents that need to be faced during the completion of the course. It is important for the student to undergo the mentioned topics in-order to complete the course. This article will also guide you in selecting the right type of course in Oracle Certification.

Course Contents for Oracle Certification

Introduction to Oracle: SQL (Exam – IZ0- 007) (Duration: 56 Hrs.)


* Computer Fundamentals, Windows Operating System


* Create database tables.
* Manage database objects.
* Access and manipulate data in the database using SQL statements.
* Control user access to data.

Oracle 10g: SQL Certification exam readiness

Course Contents

* Introduction
* Writing Basic SQL SELECT Statements
* Restricting and Sorting Data
* Single- Row Functions
* Displaying Data from Multiple Tables
* Aggregating Data Using Group Functions
* Subqueries
* Producing Readable Output with iSQL *Plus
* Manipulating Data
* Creating and Managing Tables
* Including Constraints
* Creating Views
* Other Database Objects
* Controlling User Access
* SQL Workshop
* Using SET Operators
* Oracle 10g Date time Functions
* Enhancements to the GROUP BY Clause
* Advanced Subqueries
* Hierarchical Retrieval
* Oracle10g Extensions to DML and DDL Statements

Oracle Database 10g: Administration Workshop I (1Z0-042) Duration: 48 Hrs


* Oracle Database 10g : SQL


* Create Oracle database
* Manage database objects, administer user security
* Manage schema objects
* Perform database backup & recovery
* Oracle Database10g :Administration Workshop I Certification exam readiness

Course Topics

* Oracle Database
* Oracle Instance
* Database Storage Structures
* Administering User Security
* Schema Objects
* Data and Concurrency
* Managing Undo Data
* Oracle Database Security
* Oracle Network Environment
* Proactive Maintenance
* Performance Management
* Backup and Recovery Concepts
* Database Backup
* Database Recovery
* Flashback
* Moving Data

Oracle Database 10g: Administration Workshop II (1Z0-043) Duration: 48 Hrs


* Oracle Database 10g : Administration Workshop I


* Use recovery manager
* Deal with database corruption
* Monitor & manage memory
* Manage schema objects

Oracle Database10g: AdminstrationWorskshop II Certification exam readiness

Course Topics

* Recovery Manager
* Flashback
* Database Corruption
* Memory
* Storage
* Performance Management
* Schema objects
* Managing storage
* Storage management
* Resources
* Scheduler

Guidelines for finding a Certified Institute

* Ensure the institute that you choose must have genuine Oracle Certification Course.
* The student should have other options like SQL DBA Training and DBA Training Course ready to choose in his career.
* Lookout for finance options, the institute will have tie-ups with bank that can help in offering lowered interest rates. It will help a lot when you are repaying the loan.

The above-mentioned benefits will surely help in finding the best institute and for knowing the course details. Adhere to the mentioned guidelines for saving time and money, you will be benefited in the end for the choices you make.