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The Rich, The Affluent And The Ones With No Money

By June 25, 2017Seed Bank
seed bank

Why is it that you’re not wealthy? Perhaps it’s because you are not taking chance of the opportunities that exist in the marketplace. As a matter of fact, there are numerous opportunities in store for the intelligent entrepreneurs who target the affluent, the offspring of the affluent, and the widows and widowers of the affluent. In most cases, these masterminds who target the affluent become affluent in their own rights. Perhaps it’s because their clients and customers have little or no money!

But, you will respond in fashion, it’s really much easier for me to target my peers whom I can relate with because they buy big luxurious cars and I can see their wealth. I decide to take a moment to truly plant in you a seed of understanding on why they are poor themselves. They mainly use debt to finance the lifestyle they want thereby what you see is really a surface of their wealth. Statistics shows that on average, the rich have an annual realized income less than 7 percent of their wealth. In other words, they live on less than 7 percent of their wealth. Here we can clearly define the fine line between the affluent and the non-affluent. Simply put, the affluent are a collection of people who are conscious consumers and not “huge spenders”.

Now, why would we want to target those who are not “huge spenders”? At this point, we already know that the affluent are not “huge spenders” themselves. Why focus on the population who are most aware to the price changes to products and services? However, I’m going to give you a tip here and you can bring it to the bank! Is that they are not especially price sensitive when it comes to paying for investment advice and services, educational products, accounting services, tax consultancy, medical plus dental care for themselves not forgetting family members, legal services, and homes.

At this point, I really want to emphasize the items advisory services and educational products here. This is obviously the growing trend of the booming economy globally given the fact that America will also continue to see an increase in education expenditure. Here’s a flashback from the deep recesses of my mind;

“I once attended a meeting hosted by a speaker here in Singapore telling a truly inspiring illustration so vividly of telling the power of focus; by focusing many small intense light sources on a single spot, the energy is turned into a laser beam which can remove cataracts from the eyes, eliminate kidney stones and even neutralize cancer cells!”

If we apply this theory to our business, by focusing all our energies in one spot, we should be able to remove “cancers” like distractions and obstacles to success. Is focus the key to building up an empire? Do empires crumble due to the lack of focus on the core business? Take a guess.

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