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Survival Seeds Scam- The Reality Behind This

By November 30, 2016Seed Bank
seed bank

Due to the increasing popularity of survival seeds, like on radio, many people have started thinking that is just survival seeds scam. What is the fact- are these seeds really useful, or are they just a way to con you out of your money? Let us take a quick look at some details that will help us understand these survival seeds in a better manner.

Everyone knows that with rising problem of global warming, the danger of many natural disasters are there, which will affect almost every part of the world. It is always wise to be prepared for the future and take actions now that may secure your future right now. If you are thinking that it is just a survival seeds scam, then I would like to ask that what do you prefer about your future- Uncertain future since you do not think that it is right to invest some money now for future or secured future by investing some money now for some emergency situation?

I will prefer to go with the option of making our future secured by investing some money now so that we will be able to live in any disastrous situation. There are many people who stack up a lot of items for emergency, like food, clean water, and batteries etc, so why not seeds? It is not a survival seeds scam; it is just that whatever we have now will be consumed soon. But these seeds are those which can be harvested into another crop so that you can get boundless supply of food for present as well as for future.

Now, what makes these seeds unique when there are other types of seeds available in the market too? The simple reason is that these seeds are high quality seeds, and not those hybrid seeds present in the market. Hybrid seeds are generated by mutating the DNA structure, and these are not even tested, so it is good to go for non-hybrid seeds.

If you still think that it is a survival seeds scam, then you are far from reality- getting these seeds is just as wise as investing for your future. If you have maintained a saving account, and have invested in property or gold to get monetary benefits later on, then why not invest in survival seeds to help you live easily in emergency situations as well.

full grow from start to finish from seed of the tahoe og from cali connection seeds,grand daddy purp purps ,grand daddy purp candylnd under a 1k 1000watt metal halide for about 1 month and moved to a 4k watt flower tent. The tent is a 10×10 grow tent from ebay and still vegged for 1 more month making it 2 months of full vegg flower time was about 65 days 1 week to dry and 1/2 month cure .I used botanicare full lineup chart as directed for soil.This grow was an old grow but i learned a hole bunch and showed alot of dedication in this grow as you should in all of you’re grows
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